11 photographs of autumn colour in foliage, berries and flowers inspiration from mylandscapes

Autumn colours with foliage, berries and flowers

Autumn is probably the most inspirational season in our temperate climate, with foliage colour being the most intense and the feeling of change truly tender, enthused by a moving quality of light. I went around my neighbourhood with my camera and it did not take more than an hour and a half to capture a few dozen striking scenes of autumn – from foliage, bark and berries to fruit, leaves and buds. All these elements are significant in our perception of renewal in that they not only recapitulate the year fading out, but also the signs of revitalization to come in the new year indicated by dormant buds, clear stems and lasting berries.

1. Crimson Cherry leaves 2. Star Magnolia buds 3. Fig fruit and bare branches 4. Nerine white flowers 5. Yellow Mahonia scented flowers 6. Red Firethorn berries 7. Green conifer foliage 8. White Fatsia flower head 9. Red Rosehip 10. Blue Vinca flower

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  1. Crimson Cherry leaves

This was, literally, the last cluster of leaves on this Cherry tree and they just looked remarkable framed by the round Lime tree leaves behind and the blue sky. With the absence of foliage, one can truly appreciate the beautiful qualities of the bark of this tree as well.

The crimson red leaves of a Cherry tree against the crisp autumn blue sky

  2. Star Magnolia buds

Magnolia stellata, native to Japan, displays a great architectural quality when the bare, purplish branches carry small buds – getting ready for next spring.

The buds of a Star Magnolia

  3. Fig fruit and bare branches

These figs may not be quite fitting for a jam… but the smooth, dark branches contrasting the green fruit and the autumn light searching through the tree are just magical.

The bare branches and fruit of a Fig tree

  4. Nerine white flowers

Although named the Cornish Lily, this bulbous plant originates from South Africa. This is a white flowering variety, which forms a truly inspirational ground cover flower power.

The beautiful flowers  of Nerine bowdenii 'Alba' - the Cornish Lily

  5. Yellow Mahonia scented flowers

Although the foliage is fairly prickly Mahonia is a great architectural, reliable, fast growing plant, which is easy to care for. The striking yellow flowers last for a long period are scented and transform into beautiful blue berries.

Green leaves and yellow scented flowers of Mahonia against the blue sky

  6. Red Firethorn berries

As vicious as the thorns may be, the Pyracantha is a valuable evergreen shrub. Unchecked it will form a small tree – when clipped – a tight hedge. The colourful, abundant autumn berries range from yellow via orange to red – much loved by Blackbirds and a good source of food for them during the winter.

The red berries of Pyracantha - the evergreen Firethron

  7. Green conifer foliage

Evergreen conifers are not one of my favourite plants, to say the least – apart when they provide good wind shelter from a distance… But a close-up on the intricacy of the foliage in autumn reveals another side to their personality.

The translucent foliage of a conifer in the autumn light

8. White Fatsia flower head

Fatsia japonica is one of the most useful, easy to grow architectural shrubs available to us in the UK. Over time, it will form a large shrub with a towering canopy and clear stems. When younger it is denser but with smaller leaves. The tiny white flowers, appearing in autumn in large round clusters, turn into black berries in winter.

The tiny single flowers of Fatsia japonica within the round flower cluster heads in late autumn

  9. Red Rosehip

I took these photographs in the third week of November and there were not many Rosehips around. This solitary one appeared to rejoice in the last of the autumn sun.

A single Rosehip is basking in the autumn sun

10. Blue Vinca flower   

Periwinkles are abundant and flower most of the year. The low but intense autumn sunrays truly highlighted the veins in the foliage and the essence of the true blue of the flower.

A blue Periwinkle flower - Vinca minor

11. Yucca flower stem

The Spanish Dagger is a formidable Yucca, yet the intense foliage is offset by delicate, beautiful white, velvety flowers arranged on a tall, silky reddish stem. This year, flowering has been very good from early summer right through to late autumn and this particular stem looked magnificent with a few rain droplets quickly fading in the autumn sun.

A single stem of Yucca gloriosa, the Spanish Dagger, with a few droplets of rain

Autumn is gentle as spring, linking two extreme seasons together. It is probably the least complained about season weather-wise – you rarely hear people moan about how crisp the sky is and red the leaves are… even if it is a rainy autumn. As rejuvenating spring is, particularly after a long winter, some of us get pretty annoyed when it is a wet one, or when scraping ice off the windscreen… Winters and summers are so variable around the British Isles and one is by no means guaranteed a great season. Autumn therefore is such a comforting period when the landscape, the trees, the flowers and berries play such an important part in one’s wellbeing.

amir   Written, photographed and posted by Amir Schlezinger.

The graceful seed pods of Catalpa bignonioides - the Indian Bean Tree

Indian Bean tree seed pods (Catalpa bignonioides)

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