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We began creating powder coated steel planters in early 2005. We wanted to be in control of the design, colours and logistics and minimise having to rely on off the shelf products. Every project and each client are unique so it is only fitting that each garden space is designed differently. With such a premise we devise bespoke one-off planter designs to fulfil the potential of each scheme. Initially the planters were exclusively produced for roof terraces and later on became features we also use in gardens, courtyards, patios and indoor displays. Being able to specify each shape, size and colour provides great freedom in the design, creating a product which requires very little upkeep. The planters therefore not only play a major role in sustaining healthy plant growth, but also create a visual narrative full of architectural substance.

1. Interlocking 2. Hollow 3. Slanted 4. Angled 5. Lit up 6. Curved 7. Slim
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These pairs of planters were designed to create movement along the elevation outside the master bedroom in this Clerkenwell penthouse. There are 3 pairs aligned in a sequence that wraps around the bedroom creating rhythm and adding eye level interest. We wanted to connect the space to the surrounding roof-scape of slate and red bricks and so the wall render was painted a deep maroon colour. This gave an opportunity for contrast so the planters were powder coated in slate and agate greys. Lighting behind the planters produce a glow in the evening through the gap in the elevation. The architectural yet soft foliage consists of Aspidistra (The Cast-Iron plant) underplanted with variegated Acorus (Japanese Sedge).

contemporary powder coated steel planters interlocking

St Paul's roof terrace

  2. HOLLOW.

This hollow design is featured in a Primrose Hill roof terrace above a patio we designed. As the front garden was being renovated too, we were able to amalgamate this style throughout all of the outdoor spaces. Here a row of Lavender is basking in the sun, while the hollowed centre in the planter reveals the old brick of the building. This positioning provides scent by the door and can be seen from the patio, while detail is articulated with a floating gap underneath as the planter is situated on small tiles.

contemporary powder coated steel planters hollow

Primrose Hill Patio garden


In this south facing small roof terrace in London Bridge we created a desert theme with an Eastern touch. We kept the colour scheme to a single tone contrasted by the hardwood in the deck, coping and arbour. The trough floats on the coping stones with its sides slanted – augmented by the reflections produced by semi-gloss finish in the powder coating. The sculptural form of Agave americana ‘Variegata’ (variegated Century plant) balances the scale of the elevation.

contemporary powder coated steel planters slanted

London Bridge roof terrace

  4. ANGLED.

This design featured a quartet of small tree planters for a Regent’s Park residence. One pair was situated outside the front door, planted with Olive trees, while another pair was placed on the rear roof terrace overlooking the garden with larger specimens of Olive. The outline of the planters combines 3 techniques previously used with extensive detailing to all parts of edges. The lip design extends from 20mm to 35mm and 70mm creating a transition in scale. The body is angled twice changing the light reflection thus the apparent depth of the positive space. The shadow detail is augmented with a further concealed plinth of 25mm making the planter float.

contemporary powder coated steel planters angled

Regent's Park garden

  5. LIT UP.

These 3 pairs of planters are a variation on a theme. The hollow classic design was elongated and sliced to create the appearance of one long planter, albeit split in two. The lighting in the planters merges with the surrounding city glow in this very urban scene. The bedding is changed annually so that different schemes can be displayed – in this photograph winter Viola and ferns are clustered together.

contemporary powder coated steel planters lit up

Borough roof terrace

  6. CURVED.

This King’s Cross apartment overlooks the canal, St Pancras and the Shard. The interior theme is predominantly white and so this wa reiterated in the roof terrace. While geometric planters feature along the front elevation to relate to the shape of the concert hall opposite, the side planters are low and curved to contrast the rest of the space and replicate the shape of the curved glass façade of the building. At over 2 metres long, each vase feature half a dozen Juncus rushes.

contemporary powder coated steel planters curved

King's Cross roof terrace

  7. SLIM.

This 12th floor penthouse has 2 roof gardens and a balcony, with the living room situated right above the River Thames. The entire building is slanted at 70 degrees and as such, we specified these planters at the same angle and with apertures allowing continuous views to the water. Due to the restricted space the planters are only 15cm deep. To prevent any toppling over in he wind, brackets at the back are tied with wire to the handrails.

contemporary powder coated steel planters slim

Canary Wharf roof terrace

We treat the planters as sculptural objects and as such they provide distinction for the clients. These objects of opulence are engineered to each site and so drainage, irrigation, lighting, castors and brackets are custom made to assure the most streamlined appearance.

amir   Written, photographed (unless indicated) and posted by Amir Schlezinger.

contemporary powder coated steel planters a pair of tall curved vases

Highbury garden

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