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Here is a modest spring showcase of some of the beauties growing in my garden. Captured here on a Fuji FinePix S9500 on an overcast Saturday morning in mid May. Inspiration for a contemporary design comes in many shapes and forms. Sometimes a delicate texture in a microscopic detail can inspire a big idea for a big space. Conversely, a bold garden feature can initiate a concept for a small design element. The colours, textures and shapes of spring are indeed diverse and highly inspirational – reviving the spirit and mind.

1. Fern 2. Beech 3. Birch 4. Sacred bamboo 5. Mexican Lily 6. Akebia 7. Deadnettle 8. Bluebell 9. Bamboo

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  1. Fern

I love how these tough things just thrive on neglect and get on with their business regardless. It takes a while before they wake up in late spring, but when they do the ritual is as impressive and powerful as it has been for millions of years.


  2. Beech

This Beech hedge had reached 8 foot in only a few years and needs attention every now and again as it does well on the wet clay soil. I also appreciate the copper brown of it’s winter leaves and how one day in May it simply sheds them all and goes fresh green.


  3. Birch

My young multi-stem Himalayan silver birch is a joy to have by the front door. The bark, the leaves and the whole year cycle is a great barometer of the weather. I keep it in check twice a year and it is surrounded by miniature Box hedging.


  4. Sacred bamboo

Nandina domesitca from China s quite tough and has beautiful flowers, berries and foliage. By the silver birch it's providing evergreen interest.

Sacred bamboo  

  5. Mexican Lily

Beschorneria septentrionalis ‘Quicksilver’ is one of my favourites. Hailing from the deserts of Mexico it has the ability to withstand cold temperatures. I planted it in a tall pot in sun – so good drainage keeps it healthy. It is easy to care for, flowers magnificent tall red flowers and has soft spineless foliage.

Mexican Lily

  6. Akebia

The Chocolate vine is incredibly fast and can cloth a tall dead tree in no time. The scent is delicious and wafting in mid spring and the foliage has an exotic feel to it. I grow it close to the house to benefit the scent and appreciate the delicate flowers and leaves.


  7. Deadnettle

Lamium is a good ground cover for dry shade – the trickiest of all situations. There are areas in my garden where it has spread and reverted to green yet the yellow flowers remain enchanting. It doesn’t bother me and I do not bother it. It’s just fun to watch every year creeping up and flowering under my bamboo…


8. Bluebell

As with the Deadnettle the Bluebells in my garden have spread over the years, as they do, and keep creeping up in various locations. They are Spanish so non native but they live side by side some Snowdrops, so it is nice to have this succession of blooms.


  9. Bamboo

I inherited this lovely clump of Phyllostachys yellow bamboo and it steadily increases every year. It has all sorts intermingled with it such as a Hydrangea, Honeysuckle and Lamium. It is happy under the neighbours’ plum tree.


The small showcase that is my garden mainly consists of plants I inherited and some left over from projects… I take inspiration when looking around nurseries and observing other people’s gardens while on a project. Very often contemporary garden design in small urban spaces consists of a lot of hard landscaping and little planting design. It depends on the client however on whether they have the appreciation and skills. On bigger sites it also depends on the dedication of the maintaining gardener.

amir   Written, photographed and posted by Amir Schlezinger.

showcase of contemporary garden design for your planting project inspiration

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