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Belgravia garden 5 years on


This tiny courtyard garden in Belgravia, central London, is only 30sqm and surrounded by high walls on all sides. The house had undergone a complete renovation retaining many traditional features. I wanted to create a simple composition that will match the flooring of the adjacent kitchen with a powerful, central focal point. The water feature therefore is quite tall yet contrasted with a small spout. The raised beds appear floating with a recess underneath. These photographs show the garden 5 years after planting with the temple bamboo reaching over 6 metres in height balancing the scale of the garden and adding much drama. As the garden is quite shaded ferns, Lilyturf and Japanese maples grow well under the bamboo.

1. Lighting 2. Water feature 3. Bamboo 4. Seating 5. Japanese maple with Lilyturf 6. Temple bamboo with ferns

All photographs by Marianne Majerus.

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  1. Lighting


  2. Water feature

Water feature

  3. Bamboo


  4. Seating


  5. Japanese maple with Lilyturf

Japanese maple with Lilyturf

  6. Temple bamboo with ferns

Temple bamboo with ferns

amir   Written and posted by Amir Schlezinger.

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