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Clapham Park courtyard featured in a new book

Clapham Park courtyard book feature.

Alongside a house renovation the clients designed and built their courtyard garden, roof terrace and front garden. They asked me to plant the outdoor spaces, design a colour scheme, planters and lighting. The garden was featured in a German book about small city gardens alongside 7 other projects of mine. The scheme features seasonal change with evergreen sub-tropical plants and deciduous small trees underplanted with lush foliage. I enclosed the water rill with planters featuring sedges, filled the raised bed with bamboo, Japanese maple and a Tibetan cherry and added a tree fern and water plants. Architectural horsetails in tall custom vases add height and elegance, while other selections include Asarum splendnes (Chinese wild ginger), Halesia Carolina (Carolina silverbell) and Cercis canadensis (Eastern redbud).

1. Livingroom view 2. Fireplace 3. Dining area 4. Sculpture 5. Water feature 6. Kitchen view 7. Carolina Silverbell (Halesia carolina) All photographs by Marianne Majerus.

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  1. Livingroom view

Livingroom view

  2. Fireplace


  3. Dining area

Dining area

  4. Sculpture


  5. Water feature

Water feature

  6. Kitchen view

Kitchen view

  7. Carolina Silverbell (Halesia carolina)

Carolina Silverbell (Halesia carolina)

amir   Written and posted by Amir Schlezinger.

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