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Contemporary Japanese Garden


This 220sqm courtyard is enclosed on 3 sides by outbuildings and open to the west. It is part of a larger site in a property near Saffron Walden in Essex. Previously it had been merely block paving and a shrub border to allow access to the back gate. After a visit to Japan the client wanted to develop this area into a contemporary, tranquil space. I craned in 5 large granite rocks to create a diagonal sequence in which the last one is a water feature situated on the upper deck. A cherry tree, Japanese maple and Japanese Holly topiary provide focal points. Box hedges add divisions. Variations of granite, pebbles and Yorkstone present interesting surface combinations.

1. Topiary 2. Cherry tree 3. Floating deck 4. Magnolia 5. Water feature 6. Gravel 7. Lighting 8. Stone

All photographs by Marianne Majerus.

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  1. Topiary

Japanese garden as built

  2. Cherry tree

Japanese garden Cherry tree

  3. Floating deck

Japanese garden floating deck

  4. Magnolia

Japanese garden Magnolia  

  5. Water feature

Japanese garden water feature

  6. Gravel

Japanese garden gravel

  7. Lighting

Japanese garden lighting

8. Stone

Japanese garden stone

amir   Written and posted by Amir Schlezinger.

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