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Contemporary garden walls


The solid enclosure of walls can stimulate garden views and create a dynamic incorporating many other features. It is important to blend the design to flow with the surrounding architecture as well as the landscape beyond. The contrast in texture between render or slate and hardwood adds interest. Yellow bricks can add much drama at night becoming animated with lighting. Recesses not only accentuate light and shade but also add space for displaying sculpture and ornaments. Delicate sgraffito can add real dimension when distinguished with smooth render. Natural stone such as granite, in various sizes and finishes, can be used as cladding to create a three-dimensional effect as a piece of art in its own right. When the colours and shapes of foliage and stems are sharply juxtaposed against walls, silhouettes become an added dimension giving depth as the ideal backdrop to the garden.

1. Render and hardwood 2. Display recess 3. Yellow brick 4. Render 5. Slate 6. Sgraffito 7. Granite

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