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Contemporary Lush Garden


This 60sqm back garden in South London had already benefited from 2 large trees which I wanted to retain to keep maturity and scale. Except for those the site was extremely neglected with a lot of work to do on the boundaries, levels and surfaces. The space was divided into 3 main areas with low hedges and surface changing from light tiles to a hardwood deck then granite chippings. The garden is surrounded by other mature, lush plants so I wanted to create a private jungle using evergreen plants that would give a sub-tropical feel. Tree ferns, bamboo, Phormium, Japanese maple, Bergenia, sedges, ferns and grasses and palms all come together in a lush composition.

1. Lighting 2. Hedges 3. Deck 4. Bench 5. Kitchen view 6. Foliage 7. Dining area 8. Tree fern 9. Lilyturf

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  1. Lighting


  2. Hedges


  3. Deck


  4. Bench


  5. Kitchen view

Kitchen view

  6. Foliage


  7. Dining area

Dining area

8. Tree fern

Tree fern

9. Lilyturf


amir   Written and posted by Amir Schlezinger.

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