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Contemporary water feature designs


A well-designed water feature can become a compelling focal point, particularly in contemporary small urban gardens. The sound created, be it the pulse of a modest trickle or the surge of a waterfall adds life and rhythm. Reflection manipulates light to add another dimension, throughout the day and with evening lighting creating unusual silhouettes. The material selected, when cohesively combined with the rest of the design, can add unique sculptural qualities. The positioning of a water feature is important not only to inspire the views, but also in a practical sense in terms of exposure to light, maintenance access and avoiding moisture near seating areas. Be it a city courtyard or an urban roof terrace, using the right scale within the space, integrating a water feature can add an important natural element into the fabric of the design.

1. Granite and glass tiles 2. Water blade with pool 3. Granite rock 4. Slate and steel 5. Granite 6. Powder coated steel 7. Sandstone

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  1. Granite and glass tiles

Granite and glass tiles

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Water blade with pool

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Granite rock

  4. Slate and steel

Slate and steel  

  5. Granite


  6. Powder coated steel

Powder coated steel

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