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Covent Garden roof garden featured in a new book


The Covent Garden roof terrace is featured in a new book written by Victoria Summerley, photographed by Marianne Majerus and published by Frances Lincoln. The 120sqm space enjoys a 360 degree panorama of London with views of the Shard, The London Eye, Nelsonís Column and BT Tower. The long and narrow space was divided it into 3 areas. A lower dining area with light tiles leads to a raised hardwood deck which features a lounge and an outdoor kitchen. A further lower area is covered with artificial grass and sunloungers. The hot, sunny aspect features Mediterranean flora such as Lavenders, palm trees, Olive, herbs, Oleander and Spurge. Remote control lighting, automatic irrigation and a speaker system add to the very social space, which is low maintenance and provides an evergreen, all-year round setting.

1. BT Tower 2. Dining area 3. London Eye 4. Seating area 5. The Shard 6. Raised planting 7. Palm trees 8. Foliage 9. Outdoor kitchen 10. Steps 11. Lighting 12. Lavenders
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  1. BT Tower

BT Tower

  2. Dining area

Dining area

  3. London Eye

London Eye

  4. Seating area

Seating area  

  5. The Shard

The Shard

  6. Raised planting

Raised planting

  7. Palm trees

Palm trees

8. Foliage


9. Outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchen

10. Steps


11. Lighting


12. Lavenders


amir   Written and posted by Amir Schlezinger.

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