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Sculpture in modern garden design


The right sculpture in the right place can really lift a garden space. Art is often associated with public sites so in a private garden personal taste and approach can instil surprise, character and wholesomeness. Sometimes a client already owns a piece of sculpture and asks me to integrate it into the overall design. Some spaces naturally lend themselves to displaying art so I introduce the owner to a piece or an artist I know. Every now and again a sculpture gets specifically commissioned to be part of a project, which is an exciting prospect indeed. Whether abstract or figurative, sculpture often makes a strong connection between indoor and outdoor spaces; not only with familiar materials but also with the intimate storytelling behind a piece.

1. Copper 2. Portland stone 3. Bronze 4. Terracotta 5. Limestone 6. Steel 7. Stone 8. Serpentine stone 9. Opal stone 10. Clay 11. Wood

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  1. Copper


  2. Portland stone

Portland stone

  3. Bronze


  4. Terracotta


  5. Limestone


  6. Steel


  7. Stone


8. Serpentine stone

Serpentine stone

9. Opal stone

Opal stone

10. Clay


11. Wood


amir   Written and posted by Amir Schlezinger.

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