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Surface design in contemporary gardens


Detailing surfaces is one of my favourite aspects of garden design. Paving, decking, gravel, walkways and steps form the most abundant areas of urban garden space and as such provide much scope for character. I like to use sandstone, granite, slate and limestone in various finishes as well as balau, ipe, iroko and cedar woods. Aggregates can really enhance a garden when using different scales and colours of pebbles, cobbles and boulders. Combining all these materials to divide the space can be done simply to give a dynamic which is unique to each space and stimulate visually. Most importantly surface design forms the backbone of a solid design to lead one through the spatial experience.

1. Granite 2. Yorkstone 3. Sandstone 4. Concrete 5. Deck 6. Artificial grass 7. Sandstone 8. Hardwood 9. Wood and stone 10. Terrace paving 11. Terrace details 12. Sandstone inserts

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  1. Granite


  2. Yorkstone


  3. Sandstone


  4. Concrete


  5. Deck


  6. Artificial grass

Artificial grass

  7. Sandstone


8. Hardwood


9. Wood and stone

Wood and stone

10. Terrace paving

Terrace paving

11. Terrace details

Terrace details

12. Sandstone inserts

Sandstone inserts

amir   Written and posted by Amir Schlezinger.

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