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The Shard dominates the view from this city terrace adding much drama and luminosity. The design focuses on responding to the architectural backdrop in the layout, lighting and planting. The planter duos along the balustrade are lit within to increase the apparent space and reduce the impact of the solid walls.

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BOROUGH | city roof terrace

38mē roof terrace | urban apartment


On the seventh floor, half way up Antonine Heights in south London, the terrace faces north thus benefiting from views of Canary Wharf to the right and the Shard to its left. To balance the elongated outline of the space I created a symmetrical composition of sandstone sections on each end, framing a hardwood deck in the main segment - the two materials are bordered with LED light strips.


Cedar cladding and evergreen shrubs create privacy on the left with a focal point Silver birch adding height, set in a bespoke planter and repeated at the far end. Seating is situated facing west, enveloped with low palms and herbs. Three pairs of bespoke planters line the front wall. The slim profile saves space on the terrace and as such allows for small plants to be used as seasonal displays. Foliage along the front remains low to avoid the wind and retain views.


Lighting on the terrace is key in linking to the city scenery - to achieve a sense of place in this part of London. Designing a small space in close proximity to such statuesque architecture calls for bold features contained within simple lines. To realise this concept is a different matter when vehicular access is non-existent and the building's lift is too small. To be able to construct such lengths of wood and plant tall trees the staircase was the only option...

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