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The view from the roof terrace above the kitchen offers a dramatic vista of the garden in the evening. Lit pots and sculpture add a contemporary touch with dining furniture positioned in the centre. These elements were carried through to the rest of the outdoor spaces in the interior atrium, the terrace and front garden.

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FULHAM | urban garden

45mē garden | house redesign


The tasks included a back garden, roof terrace, an indoor atrium and a front garden. London urban gardens encompass many delicate issues such as working with neighbours, access and logistics and creating designs that resist pollution, shade from buildings and heavy use. I began by merging the interior tiles with the garden - this was a beautiful Italian grey tile, which was used throughout the property. To create a respite between the kitchen’s floor and the garden, I inserted a small hardwood deck in between.


With the house being narrow and fairly long there is a vista stretching out from the front garden right up to the back wall of the garden. As such, I wanted to create a focal point for this view, give reflection and contrast the light flooring. A sheet of flamed granite was used for the water feature, surrounded by an asymmetrical elevation of rendered concrete. The water flows gently into a lower pool and is framed by two sculptural shrubs either side. An L-shape bench overlaps the feature and merges into the right wall. The cavity under the bench allows the tiles to continue through while lighting gives a renewed ambience at night. The Western red cedar cladding was carefully designed and sampled to achieve an agreeable model with all the neighbours. It is a contemporary feature in its own right, but a one that provides privacy whilst allowing light to pass through.


Seasonal change is important and at times difficult to achieve in small spaces where most of the specimens tend to be evergreen. Urban gardens should incorporate a seasonal cycle. A Japanese maple occupies the bed right of the water feature carpeted with sedges. To the left is an Edgeworthia chrysantha, the Paperbush with its winter scented delicate flowers. In the left border, the evergreen Mexican lilies accompany a row of Chitalpa, with its beautiful spring blooms. It is fascinating how these species adapt and grow so well in a polluted urban environment such as London.

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