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High up on the 11th floor in London's Caro Point, the 4 roof terraces of this penthouse enjoy an expansive panorama over the city. The outlines of maple, palm and Eucalyptus trees frame the views of the landmarks in the distance. The granite and sandstone flooring intersect at angles to open up the space.

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PIMLICO | CARO POINT | roof terrace

50mē four roof garden terraces | apartment suite


Four years earlier I designed a roof terrace at Grosvenor Waterside opposite. My client then had moved to Caro Point nearby, into a penthouse apartment on the 11th floor with 4 roof terraces. The larger terrace outside the kitchen is exposed and windy, so an evergreen hedge on the west creates a windbreak as well as adding much-needed privacy from the neighbouring property. The next terrace is outside the master bedroom and has a different aspect as it is sheltered by an overhang and therefore shaded. The third terrace is outside the study and the last one, the smallest, is outside the living room.


The building is named after the sculptor Anthony Caro and features a warm limestone cladding throughout all of the roof garden terraces in the development. This was echoed further by choosing sandstone square pavers for the flooring. To contrast this tone, blue-grey flamed granite rectangular paving add texture and harmonises with the blue planters and the sky. To open up the small spaces, angular lines divide the two types of stone to lead the eye across to the various focal points. The main terrace features a Eucalyptus tree, which is viewed directly on the central axis of the kitchen, set in a raised bed with a floating recess and LED lighting. In the master bedroom terrace a Japanese maple is set into a textured copper coloured planter, adding bronze tones in its foliage to create a sharp relief against the limestone backdrop.


With large portions of the outdoor spaces being under overhangs and some quite windy, the lack of a water source was an important element to rectify. Ingenuity with plumbing was required in order to get a tap into each terrace and this naturally added the all-important irrigation constituent - crucial for sustaining the plants. The terraces benefit from long vistas into some of London's most iconic landmarks. Battersea Power Station being the dominant one, as well as Chelsea Bridge and Wembley Stadium. This dramatic scene, viewed at such height, is complimented by a minimalist approach and subtle choice of colours.

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