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This roof garden defies weight, wind and intense sunlight. Bespoke steel planters, hardwood decking, porcelain tiles and artificial grass are configured to define 3 distinct spaces. An outdoor kitchen, speakers, irrigation and lighting add to the outdoor experience. A myriad of significant London landmarks can be viewed in every direction - from the London Eye to Nelson's Column.

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Roof garden design in London :: Covent Garden

This contemporary 125sqm roof garden sits on top of a penthouse apartment in central London.

The modern setting is enveloped by old buildings in this historic and busy part of town. The design for this large roof garden not only was dependant on a balanced layout but also on challenging logistics to enable its creation in the first place. While the entire roof required a complete overhaul of water tightening, this had created the opportunity to remove a previous garden installation, which consisted of tonnes of outdated and dilapidated brickwork, pots and inappropriate vegetation. All the newly designed components necessitated the use of an external crane, which was hired at intervals to import materials when required.

With the roof garden being quite long and narrow I wanted to dissect it into 3 parts, each a unique space in a series of 3 gardens with a half metre change of level. A hardwood deck occupies the central main lounge with 3 steps either end, each framed with low hedges to define the entrance points - one with Lavender, the other with Japanese Holly. The design for the dining area outside the door was tiled with porcelain light flooring, enhanced with scented shrubs and offers views of BT Tower to the west. The lower area at the other end, with views of the London Eye and the Opera House, is carpeted with artificial grass and furnished with sun loungers.

The outdoor kitchen acts as a central hub with plenty of cooking, serving and washing space. The red colour, contrasted with the white Corian top, adds a touch of contemporary finesse. Mediterranean flora works well here and makes the most of the sunshine, while being able to cope with drying wind and pollution. LED strip lighting is featured throughout to delineate the various zones such as step risers and seating areas.

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