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This roof garden defies weight, wind and intense sunlight. Concrete raised beds, cedar decking, sandstone and artificial grass sit on top of a car park and are configured to define 3 distinct roof gardens spaces. EC London, 70 sqm, Photograph by Helen Fickling. A contemporary, low maintenance roof garden design incorporating sculpture, pots and furniture.

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Roof garden design in London :: Clerkenwell

This contemporary 70sqm roof garden sits on top of an underground car park of a development in Londonís Clerkenwell.

The modern setting is enveloped by old buildings in this historic and busy part of town. Effectively it is just above ground level but a roof garden in every sense of the word, facing intense wind and sun and having to support a great deal of weight. It was important for me to use sandstone to not only brighten the space but to make a link to the fabric of the area. The 900 x 900 mm buff sandstone slabs enlarge the space and I selected a brown sandstone as a narrow contrasting banding detail. These stones make up the second seating area away from the house. Other buff sizes were made for the grass area.

With the garden quite long and narrow and its bottom right part a venting roof for the car park I wanted to dissect it into 3 parts, each a unique space in a series of 3 roof gardens. A Western red cedar deck surrounds 2 large planting beds and creates a patio immediately outside the living space. The central part features a grid of sandstone squares wrapped with a layer of artificial grass. The bottom part is laid with large sandstone slabs and offers a secondary seating area. The planting features the epitome of low maintenance plants with Lavender, Bamboo, Silver birch, ferns, Agave and grasses - some are sun loving and some are shade loving plants. Roof gardens generate heat and the planters used have excellent drainage – with the right irrigation this gives an opportunity to grow all of these together.

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