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planters, which allow light from the west into the living space. The lower shaded terrace features a lush landscape enjoyed from the bedroom. The view to St Paul's Cathedral is framed by a multi-stem ginkgo biloba (Maidenhair tree.) The planters are continued indoors to grace a contemporary art collection.

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small roof terrace st paul'ssmall roof terrace st paul'ssmall roof terrace st paul'ssmall roof terrace st paul's

ST PAUL'S | 3 small roof terraces

78mē roof terrace | modern conversion


When my client received the keys to this unusual penthouse the 3 small roof terraces were laid to dreary decking and nursery lines of terrazzo pots with overgrown weeds. The sunny terrace outside the kitchen has a great view of St Paul’s Cathedral, while the lower one is more shaded and wraps at an L-shape around the master bedroom. The colours of red brick in the surrounding buildings and slate roofs influenced the matching colour palette used - not only in the new troughs but also on the walls. With each space within the sequence having its own microclimate and character, this allowed different designs to evolve.


The view to St Paul’s Cathedral from the master bedroom in the lower terrace is framed by a Maidenhair tree. It projects beautiful silhouettes when both in leaf or bare, has exquisite bark and is extremely resilient to pollution. The hollow containers allow light in from the west and an uninterrupted view when sitting in the living room. A minimalist line of evergreen low grasses with cream pebbles lead the eye towards a graceful contemporary sculpture, specially commissioned for the project - framing the London skyline.


Having retained the decking we stained it in a Jacobean walnut, which gives a warm tone and a companion to the maroon red we used for the rendered walls. The sculpture was sketched out onsite by the artist and is reminiscent of the church steeple in the distance. One of the first indoor displays we created was a hollow curved vase resting on a shelf above the entrance with a fun and spiky cactus.

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