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Designed for an artist, we wanted to create unusual, bespoke planters to stamp individuality and zest for colour. The existing decking of the penthouse was retained and an irrigation system concealed within to sustain plant growth. The curves in the designs work well with the furniture set and were inspired by Anish Kapoor's Orbit in the distance.

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penthouse roof garden designpenthouse roof garden designpenthouse roof garden designpenthouse roof garden design

LONDON FIELDS | penthouse roof garden

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The penthouse at the top of Arthaus faces southeast, hence enjoying good views of the Olympic park and its landmarks. Each elevation of the space features its own unique design as a display of sculptural planters. Circular shapes, recessed troughs and arched vases feature bold colours in these unique one-off designs.


Evergreen foliage complements the outlines in texture and tone with Olive trees, Phormium, Photinia and sculptural Agave. LED lighting plays a major role in highlighting the contours of the planters set underneath and within them. The contemporary glass balustrade helps in reflecting illumination thus increasing depth.


The symmetry in the design is revealed with two pairs of olive circular planters framing the London skyline - their white colour and shape correspond with the circular white table and seat design. Three low curved red vases featuring succulents are set at equal intervals along the doors to graduate the view out. On the left three urns in mauve, red and orange create a unique focal point. On the right two pairs of recessed troughs with tall screening for privacy alternate colours from mauve to green.

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