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Located within a woodland in Highgate, this terrace offers seclusion and tranquillity. Situated above the garage at first floor height it is adjoined to a study on the upper level. The square space was divided with an angle in the decking, which changes to sandstone. The warm tones of the natural materials compliment the verdant scenery with lush foliage.

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HIGHGATE | rooftop terrace

40m≤ roof terrace | private residence


Although the houses in Highfields Grove present conservative brickwork, the interiors are modern. The roof terrace was previously laid out to a traditional arrangement, which needed updating. The square shape was static and I wanted to add movement and enlarge the apparent space. The deck lines increase depth outwards, then is angled to the left towards a focal point architectural Paperbark maple - the tree blends in beautifully with the wood in its shape and deciduous form.


Five steps lead out down to the terrace and I wanted to create a light appearance. I therefore designed floating sandstone stairs, dressed onto a concealed steel frame. The 1.5 metres wide treads not only provide a generous detail, but are also lit underneath. A further LED strip, following the shape of deck demarcates the stone and wood areas.


A hardwood screen was designed to surround the terrace to add safety and provide a sense of enclosure above the parapet walls. This material was further used in the design of the built in barbeque. A gas rotisserie was incorporated into a slate work top with stainless steel detailing throughout. A herb bed was integrated into the slate top to provide culinary usage.

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