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The curves in the design for this penthouse roof garden invite the woodland landscape into the terrace. The hardwood deck continues from the interior's wooden floor to curve around a waterfall and merge into a 4-hole putting green. A long curved steel vase frames the view on one side, while 2 built-in seating areas offer ample entertaining space.

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terraced roof gardenterraced roof gardenterraced roof gardenterraced roof garden

BATTERSEA | terraced roof garden

84mē roof garden | apartment duplex


The design follows the natural curve of the building around a street corner overlooking a local park. The roof garden adjoins the living space offering eye level views of the tree tops. The existing curve and the woodland landscape called for curvature in the design, which in turns differentiates the hardwood deck from the artificial grass area. An area for seating with storage was needed, a water feature, a bench and a golf putting green.


The gentle curve of the roof garden is continued further with the arc of the artificial grass, which then joins the curved vase along the window. It was possible to create a mini golf putting green using tough low grass with 4 holes situated within it. The grass picks up the green in the cricket ground beyond and creates a flow between the roof and the landscape beyond. Such grass requires hardly any maintenance and is long lasting.


As the roof garden is quite exposed, the foliage in the raised bed is kept low therefore also allowing continuous views to the trees in the landscaped park. The bench in front of the raised bed is fairly deep allowing using it as a day bed as well. Although most of the shrubs are contained in built-in structures there was an opportunity to design something unique for the left window. As the client used this section as a London office and each of the 3 windows were 1 metre each, I created a 3 metres contemporary vase in a dark blue powder coating. The Agapanthus flowers give some height in season and greenery as one walks up the stairs to the garden.

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