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After a modern extension had been added to this town terrace house, the garden turned square in shape and its size reduced. The challenge was to maximise use, enhance the flow and keep it very contemporary. The basalt flooring links the living room with the garden, while a built in oven and a bar concealed as storage add functionality and elegance.

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CLAPHAM PARK | modern town garden

50m˛ garden | terrace house


With a flair for contemporary design, panache for art and a passion for entertaining, this young couple’s outdoor space was to become another room in the house – where activities in the garden could take place all year round. Part of a multidisciplinary team, I had the chance to introduce colour, architectural planting and sculptural pots in a high contrast layout.

The distinctive use of hardwood and natural stone creates a composition which is three dimensional and as such produces a sensation of depth and breadth in a relatively small garden. Further layered with light grey in the rendered walls and deep maroon in the sculpture wall, natural light is harnessed to give a dynamic expression.


Orientated north to south, this London garden could benefit from a design utilising flora from Asia on one end and from Central America and the Mediterranean on the other. A Cherry, bamboo, sedges, ferns and a Japanese maple provide focal points further from the house, while Sotol, Spurge and Mexican lilies line the beds closer to the living room. Clumps of Horsetails are featured in bespoke, tall, curved vases as accents throughout.


Lounge seating is situated over the hardwood deck by the built in outdoor oven, doubling functionality with comfort. Set on the basalt paving opposite, the dining table is situated by the water rill, which is flanked by a maroon wall featuring a modern art piece. By designing four unique elevations, the square garden comes alive with alternating focal points enriched with contemporary detail.

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