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In this town garden, light tiles brighten up the shaded space contrasted by artificial grass, which functions as a play area. Three colours represent the various types of planters: white for trees, beige for hedging and sable for topiary. The asymmetrical design is low maintenance, architectural and contemporary.

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MAYFAIR | town garden

40m² garden | contemporary apartment


Designing in shade is not easy at times, but here the distinct European essence stirred by the Belgian client meant I could utilise classical techniques in a contemporary setting. To reduce the impact of the tall façades, a cedar screen was devised to allow Ivy to develop into a green wall. This was further layered with clipped Box hedging with artificial grass in front. The varying shades of green evoke a clean, effortless palette that endows the space with crisp, compelling lines.


Light square tiles correspond with the spatial qualities of the space and help bounce precious natural light. With two young boys, the artificial grass is useful and practical. For the grown ups the garden forms a private courtyard viewed through all the windows and doors facing the space. The tall walls were useful to mount high level electrical heaters, as well as lighting. This extends use when the London weather turns chilly.


When I first arrived, the garden contained dozens of tiny pots and a disused water fountain – a wasted space and a disappointment to otherwise a beautiful, contemporary apartment. The only remnant of the original features is a Japanese maple, which was replanted. This graceful deciduous specimen contrasts the otherwise pure evergreen scheme of architectural foliage.


I used two matching Wheel trees – one of my favourite small architectural plants for shade. Box balls and hedging, Ivy, sedges, ferns and New Zealand Flax are displayed in bespoke powder coated planters, which I specially design for each project. Here, tapered squares feature a slanted edge in varying sizes, with a soft colour palette.

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