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Iroko deck merges into Yorkstone paving, while 3 Box hedges divide the garden and lead the eye across. A sunken BBQ area, herb garden and a built-in bench contribute to a highly social space. Entertaining was important for the client and the design caters specifically for this purpose. The irrigated raised beds aid cultivation under the existing woodland trees.

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Designer garden near Wandsworth CommonDesigner garden near Wandsworth CommonDesigner garden near Wandsworth CommonDesigner garden near Wandsworth Common

WANDSWORTH | designer signature garden

100mē garden | new build house


The back garden was a wide rectangle so the design had to maximise the depth and break up the width into distinct areas. With a very prominent back fence and a dominating weeping willow in the neighbouring garden there was much shade and grass that didn’t grow. Creating different areas for socialising went hand in hand with the clients wish for a contemporary garden for entertaining. This resulted in 4 individual areas: a patio for dining, an area for informal socialising, a sunken BBQ area and sunbathing deck.


By elevating the Iroko deck to the threshold of the doors the inside and outside were sharing material, tone, pattern and level. This in turn created a step to the garden itself – adding much needed topography to otherwise quite a dull, level space. I wanted to use Box hedging to create separation and movement, but I did not want them to be too formal. Therefore the 3 hedges are low and wide – this is a more relaxed configuration and a one that adds depth and in turn repeated in the step edge detail. Where more height and privacy were needed in the dining area, thick canes of Golden bamboo penetrate through the thicket of Box.


The new Yorkstone step edge gives definition to the upper deck and leads down to the paved areas. The Yorkstone slabs were cut at 850 x 850 mm, which adds size and depth to the garden and the scale works hand in hand with the site. The light colour of the paving picks up the tones of the light tiles in the kitchen and lightens up the shaded bench area.


The corner of the deck is anchored by a low herb raised bed. Situated close to the house it benefits from some sun and so the idea was that one walks out from the kitchen, picks some herbs and walks over to the sunken BBQ area. This cooking area, carved out into the far corner, offers a great vista of the whole garden from a different angle and it nicely separates it from other activities. The sun deck opposite enjoys some hot planting with a seaside feel to the left with a vale of Tamarisk and a dry bed of desert Agave.

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