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Contemporary Garden Design

Based in North London, we design contemporary gardens and city roof terraces, developing a broad spectrum of residential projects. Roof terrace design and native landscape gardens form our major specialities, defined by an innovative modern approach to planting, detail and project management. We create unique garden design & build projects across the capital, throughout the UK and abroad.

Design & Words: Amir Schlezinger

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Natural Mindset

The garden design process commences with a detailed consultation on site to learn about a client's brief, discuss logistics, and appraise the location to form a cohesive project vision. Our key design role is to define a home's unique exterior potential, and recommend a well-balanced strategy, while an in-house design & build team implements entire projects from start to finish, alongside an easygoing, personal approach. Urban gardens and modern roof terraces in London thrive when cutting-edge, forward-looking landscape designs are continually developed, motivating our minimalist garden design mindset and truly uncompromising attention to integral detail. While discerning clients are often tech-savvy, our knack for innovation evolves – augmented by sustainable, diverse flora, encompassing a continuum of European landscapes, wildlife, natural, biodiverse and native garden designs.

Design Case Studies

As clients may require bespoke layout visuals to accompany their garden design, we combine plans with authentic material samples to illustrate new landscape blueprints. Our extensive design portfolio of contemporary case studies sustains a valuable resource when fine-tuning clients' preferences to provide inspiring insights and design ideas from ongoing projects. Once a garden design master plan is thoroughly rationalised, the distinctive elements of each courtyard garden, roof terrace design and landscape are detailed meticulously. We enjoy crafting innovative, skilful tapestries, whether designing offbeat roof garden planters, integrating outdoor technologies, or infusing contemporary, architectural planting schemes.

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Outdoor Potential

When a garden design's full potential is embraced by both client and garden designer, a unique, memorable scheme emerges, and we liaise closely with our clients to establish a smooth construction sequence. When a landscape site presents limited access, as often is the case around Greater London, we seek its most efficient planning methods. This logistic aspect is evermore pivotal while coordinating a sky-high roof garden design, or remote country garden landscaping. With the bulk of our project work designed, built and managed in the capital, its worldwide clientele redefines private, residential outdoor spaces and their core essence – a testament to London's thriving diversity. In our analytical garden design blog, we continually explore a multitude of architectural concepts, roof terrace ideas and refined landscape philosophies, developed by revisiting previous sites, to sustain an increasingly enduring repertoire, amid a client-focused approach.

Design & Build

Certain terrace design & build projects involve a lengthy construction phase, when regular outdoor use by clients is meanwhile deferred in recurring dust and noise. Consideration for apt site practicalities, as in countless contemporary garden design schemes around London, is invariably paramount. As a progressive, multidisciplinary practice, we merge garden design minimalism with down-to-earth construction, and maintain clear, on-site sensibilities to ensure we understand the lifestyle of each client – whether managing an urban renovation, or reshaping a sprawling, large-scale landscape garden. Relishing the entire design process forms an ultimate experience for both our clients and landscape team, and defines the very essence of a low maintenance, contemporary garden design & build methodology.