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Courtyard State of Mind

Modern courtyard planters provide not only catalysts for fresh design ideas, but also articulate a sense of style and uniqueness.

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1. flora 2. walls 3. ideas 4. water 5. levels 6. design 7. privacy 8. surfaces 9. sculpture 10. landscape

modern tree planterbespoke plantersjapanese maple tree planter

1 flora

architectural gardens

Every thriving courtyard garden tells a unique story – of its place, owners and plants. The wide-ranging floras we utilise to convey these narratives are truly diverse, often thrivingly displayed in bespoke, sculptural courtyard planters.

2 walls

focal points

The gamut of perimeter walls which characterises courtyard gardens as individual, standout outdoor spaces is vast, and invariably forms a pivotal focal point, furthering warmth to cultivate exotic floras within well-drained courtyard planters.

circular tree planterolive tree planterround textured courtyard planter

3 ideas

design process

Courtyard planter ideas encompass an equilibrial design breadth, encapsulating historical references within small urban gardens and our desire and need to mitigate relentless city living with intimacy.

4 water

waterfall design

The definitive distillation of water, stone and foliage finds its niche cohesively in the confines of courtyard gardens, where an ambience of calm, enveloped by courtyard planters, depicts ideal surroundings.

thames barrier planterwhite potscurved planters

5 levels

level changes

Many courtyard gardens present flat terrains, either intended, or as mere leftover voids between buildings, and in the absence of outdoor unusualness, we originate architectural courtyard planters design in seeking engaging spaces.

6 design

detail design

While classic symmetry defines countless large-scale courtyard gardens, in London's compact outdoor spaces, we utilise asymmetry in courtyard planters design to expand spatial perceptions.

living wallchic courtyardhedging courtyard

7 privacy

outdoor screens

The boundary walls of courtyard gardens present a seclusion irony, where we overcome municipal height restrictions by utilising bespoke courtyard planters, planted with tall vegetations.

8 surfaces

hard landscaping

Traditionally paved, courtyard gardens portray permanence like no other outdoor living genre, and with a vast range of porcelain tiles available, we're able to imaginatively expand this attribute to highlight unique courtyard planters.

large courtyard planterscourtyard tree plantercourtyard trough

9 sculpture

outdoor art

Classically suited for sculpture displays, courtyard gardens not only elevate art focally, but also intimate a lucid reciprocation between culture, design and architecture, via courtyard planters design.

10 landscape

Second only to rooftop planters, courtyard planters embody ultimate autonomy, and while the former discipline engages in cityscape, the latter focuses on the most intimate aspects of outdoor living.

planter stone mulchdecorative stone mulchingginkgo st pauls view

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Completely Courtyard

Courtyard planters imbue the charm of refined sophistication, within self-contained resilience in the utter privacy of walled gardens.