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Cantileveredly Yours

We all irresistibly gravitate towards suspenseful architectural narratives, where floating details engage the eye, complement the sleekness of modern homes and synchronise minimalist interiors, furniture and architecture. Playfully adventurous, these suspended design details encapsulate complexity of construction, skilfulness of engineering and visual simplicity, accomplishing a clear-cut approach to cutting-edge innovation. Counterbalancing a multiplicity of scales with both style and substance, this timeless minimalism articulates clarity of thought and spatial essentiality, where we levitate, suspend and defy gravity as a prized element of contemporary garden design – through an altogether elegant, and captivating, gravitational pull...

architectural gardens

modern floating deckmodern floating benchmodern floating stepsmodern floating raised bed

Steps, level changes, decks, benches, seats and lighting.

The interplay of shadows and light through atmospheric cavities and adventurous cantilevers animates crystal-clear garden design visions, cohesiveness and creativity in contemporary gardens where everything must float. Feather-light shadow gaps, built-in niches, carved alcoves and suspended structures elegantly underscore a narrative of balance and proportion – harnessing the mesmerising qualities of natural and artificial light to synthesise three-dimensional floating details.

built-in benches

curved floating benchfloating cantilevered benchcontemporary suspended deckminimalist hovering bench

Steel, natural stone, hardwood and concrete.

Geometric playfulness maintains dynamic alternations of rigidity and relief, where sheer spatial lineation hovers blissfully above and below materials' substantiality – imparted through discerning floating detail. This centripetal energy reanimates outline purity; its apertures, voids and grooves niftily conceal technical apparatus and captivating light sources. The polarity of momenta we relish in such modern outdoor experiences generates diverse emotions, conveyed within contrasting materials, where density of mass is skilfully relieved by perceptions of weightlessness and lightness of architectural touch.

detail design

modern garden raised bed shadow gapsoverhanging modern garden benchfloating contoured plantersbuilt in cantilevered bench

Deep-set capstone mortar voids, grooved gaps, overhanging detail, profiled contours and hollow raised beds.

We carve out architectural floatability from structural frameworks by contriving gravity-defying detail – sculpting openings, recessed niches and overhanging plateaus to enrich terrene firmness with levitational qualities. These garden design aspirations, concepts and techniques impel an adventureful detailing process – a one invariably hinging on budget limitations. While cantilevering infrastructures proves stylishly minimalist though economically extravagant, the alternative airiness of semi-cantilevers, concealed plinths and a whole host of auxiliary supports such as pillars, columns, braces, struts and brackets handily sustains engineered trickery in creating sought-after floating detail.

water features

floating tree modern garden poolfloating stone water featurerecessed raised bed water feature and lightingfloating courtyard waterfall feature

Submerged planter with a floating pool tree, sunken waterfall, alternating stone outcrops and a cantilevered multi-tiered cascade.

Invisible detail pivotally sustains many surface subtleties, and no multigeneric discipline embodies this essence more than waterfall design. Thoroughly bespoke and readily adventuresome, the process of designing custom-built water features entails both ingeniousness of ideation and concealment of mechanisms to conceive crystalline pureness afloat in a multitude of details, purposes and sentiments. Floating detail amplifies this aquatic buoyancy all the more so, when sunken pools, infinity edges, ledged overhangs, vanishing verges and cantilevered chutes present great possibilities to hover seductively.

rooftop planters

floating roof terrace planterscantilevered roof terrace planterscurved floating roof terrace plantersfloating rooftop planter with light cavity

Apertured, interlocking, curved and legged planters.

In a London horizon immersed in frameless glass, suspended cable cars, weightless elevations, ambitious skywalks and spinning wheels, the floating details which underpin the make-up of rooftop planters accentuate a densely built-up cityscape and its vitrified translucency. The industrial attributes of this architectural arena find their fearless niche within a constant flotation of ideas, buildouts and clear-sighted details, where iconic landmarks intertwine hoveringly between surreal silhouettes – framed refreshingly through minimalist, powder-coated apertures. The utilitarian aspects of alcoves, bays, channels, conduits, ducts, pipes and tubes transform inspirationally into highly aesthetic vantage points, while extending utilisable space, easing maintenance and enabling eye-level focality – elucidated with fine floating detail.

focal points

floating roof terrace raised bedbespoke curved hollow floating roof terrace plantersfloating roof terrace built in benchfloating roof terrace sculpture

Recessed, hovering, hollowed and floating details.

From humble window boxes floating in tiny West End light well gardens to colossal semi-cantilevered containers crowning London Bridge rooftop terraces, and buoyant sculpture exhibits heightening Shoreditch penthouses, the fluid enhancements of sightlines, astute interpretations of geometrical presence and a punchy emphasis on spatial placement all communicate centrally embracive focal points. These modernistic expressions, where the visual vacuum of empty space elevates the sheer tangibility of overhead compositions in an ascensional progression, craft exceptional centrepieces of their time and place – magnified by recessed niches and the afterglow emitted by LED strip lighting as the very linchpins of floating garden detail.

roof terrace detail

floating roof terrace pavingsee through roof terrace planterssleek roof terrace floating detailfloating round lit roof terrace planter

Shadow gaps, cavities, concealed lights and floating pavers.

Often underutilised and at times undervalued, channelled cavities, notched nooks and grooved gaps form integral parts of consummate garden design creativeness and architectural cleanness – animating many schemes with floating undertones. While countless roof terrace frameworks ordinarily rely on suspended paving; a technique steadily permeating gardens as well due to ease of installation, efficiency of drainage, levelled surfaces and neatness of hidden apparatuses, the consistency, accuracy and repetition of gapped lines competently re-enforce inherent floatability. Granted, fiddly narrow spaces are by far trickier to detail, construct and maintain, ergo costlier to fund, yet the long-term visuality, impactful clarity and complete narrativity of such engaging design nuances truly make a garden space come alive.

– coda –

Suspense and Suspensibility

From a sumptuous eye candy to a space-saving device, if a garden detail can be cantilevered – count us in indeed! Floatingly suspended and charismatically compelling, these wondrous evocations of Zero-G impossibilities in a tellurian outdoors epitomise lightness of acumen over solid matter. As innovation continues to drive progressively more sophisticated urban garden design landscaping frameworks abound in floating details – maximising every recess, niche, cavity and cranny in increasingly shrinking gardens – we seek to expand the capabilities of adaptable elements, adrift in a not-so-nichey garden stage after all...