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Fulham Family Fun

Thoroughly modernised and architecturally detailed, our clients' year-long renovation of their Fulham townhouse had carved out a quartet of unique outdoor spaces, where a 36-square-metre courtyard garden is paired with a first-floor roof terrace, interlinked by an uncovered atrium in the open-plan kitchen and a front garden. Working closely alongside the project architect, we designed a contemporary scheme abundant in sculptural compositions, bespoke elements and outdoor lighting, enveloped by luscious and highly diverse foliage plants. We revisited the full-grown site with legendary garden photographer Clive Nichols to capture some twilight moments for a book publication.

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small city garden super sleek water featurelondon modern sculpture courtyard garden with lightingsuper contemporary london courtyard garden fulham

1 clients

long-term foresight

Hailing from Holland and Bulgaria, both our clients work ungodly hours in the city, and while raising a young family in a typical Fulham terraced home requires significantly more space, there were plenty of layout reconfigurations to orchestrate. This long-term foresight, aptly underscored by an ambitious ground-floor extension, a fresh rooftop terrace and a complete restructuring of the entire interior blueprint, was dynamically managed by an up-and-coming maverick Italian lady architect. We joined the building team during the project's concluding stage, appointed to diligently augment a well-planned scheme with imaginative, cohesive and modern garden design & build output.

2 design

elegant minimalism

With design cues taken from a lightful interior abound in exquisite finishing touches, we continued inherent indoor surface patterns into the courtyard garden, where the lengthwise span of an extraordinarily elongated Fulham house is focalised by a granite waterfall across the garden's back wall. Linked by a small hardwood deck, the kitchen tiles which recur throughout the residence merge with a chic dining patio, progress beneath a built-in bench, and feature along the raised bed's coping – defining a detailed repertoire of garden design luxury.

highly minimalist garden planting lighting water and claddingultra modern london town garden with sculpture lighting and large potsmodernistic garden planting and discreet lighting

3 rooftop

luminous continuum

Situated above the kitchen, a 15-square-metre roof terrace overlooks the garden, enveloped by a frameless glass balustrade which sustains visual fluidity between these two outdoor spaces, punctuated by sun-loving plants. Cedar cladding neatly conceals air conditioning units, linking into the garden's slim privacy screens, while a hardwood deck reiterates the courtyard's natural surface elements. The two-tiered layout magnifies this small Fulham garden, subtly graduating scale upwards in a continuum of materials, outlines and luminosity.

4 seating

asymmetrical interplay

Despite its limited breadth, this Fulham courtyard garden embraces varied seating areas. While the west-facing rooftop presents sunning opportunities across a decked lounge, the garden design juxtaposes a formal dining zone alongside an L-shaped, semi-cantilevered bench which provides a casual perching spot beside a tranquil water wall. This asymmetrical interplay of linear and three-dimensional cavities utilises the kitchen's magnificent vista through a vast floor-to-ceiling glazed elevation to maximise indoor-outdoor reciprocality between a stupendous dining room table and its modest exterior counterpart.

garden design modern sculptural gardenluxurious seating area upmarket london gardenhigh end fashionable bespoke landscaping project

5 lighting

seductive afterglow

Small on size, yet rather big on outdoor lighting, this Fulham garden continues its thriving daytime legacy in a nightly display of opulent illumination, extending ambience, and linking into a cosily lit kitchen. By utilising a four-way remote-controlled lighting system synced with the waterfall, our clients' nocturnal relaxation once the children are finally in bed, or when relishing the odd social escapade, is smoothly fine-tuned to preserve an optimal night-time setting. Amply downlit via Cedar cladding and through luxuriant foliage, while amplified by LED modules embedded within translucent pots and below benches, this courtyard garden metamorphoses into a radiant lightscape.

6 screens

bespoke seclusion

To facilitate congeniality among the various neighbours in adjacent properties, we prepared a range of screen samples with variations in light transmittance between horizontal wood battens. We settled on a liberal 15mm gap, which sustained an agreeable framework, and built this linear pattern in smooth Cedar boards around the entire garden perimeter. These 70cm-high privacy screens add a beautiful natural material above rendered elevations, repeated on the rooftop, while subtly contrasting the hardwood detailing of the decking and bench. Discreetly fixed with lost head stainless steel brads, the custom-built panels convey fine architectural detail in a feather-light appearance.

landscape architect minimalist planting detailfulham house renovation modern extension indoor outdoor garden designchic architectural planting design modernised back garden

7 planting

seasonal cycle

We design countless gardens of varying scales around South West London, from Parsons Green to Chelsea, and across to Battersea, Wandsworth and Clapham. Developing gardens in this vast, highly cosmopolitan district often calls for planting schemes which are equally and eclectically universal, and in this Fulham courtyard garden, the uniform distribution of cardinal points in a squared outline enabled the creation of four distinct plant borders.


Fragrant Desert willows and Mexican lilies line the south-facing elevation, contrasted by Bamboo opposite which enhances privacy. Gracefully flanking the water feature, a downy Japanese maple and a winter-flowering perfumed Paperbush create striking sculptural focal points, underplanted with evergreen Sweet flags. A pair of variegated New Zealand flax, planted in epic curved turquoise pots, and framing the kitchen doors, completes this minimalist septet of plant species in a truly low-maintenance and highly architectural composition.

8 surfaces

room for detail

The gradation of scale through surface materials thoroughly uplifts spatial exiguity in small city gardens, and in this Fulham courtyard, a discernible progression of element sizes enables plenty of room for a finely detailed design. A classic stack bond grid of 60cm-square tiles emphasises indoor-outdoor fluidity, interlinked by a slender section of 100mm-wide deck boards, in a surface hierarchy which culminates in 40mm-high Cedar slats across the garden's privacy screening. This progressive design philosophy, articulated through well-executed hard landscaping, consistent shadow gaps and highly structured elevations, extends surface lustrousness – especially in the east-west orientation of this petite and semi-shaded London urban garden.

modern family garden privacy screeningsouth west london modern house and garden refurbishment projectchic in vogue parsons green sw6 designer garden

9 waterfall

reservoir jobs

Tucked halfway Fulham's smallest street, at the epicentre of the SW6 postcode off New King's Road, our clients' home presents a markedly elongated layout, lengthened by an ultra-modern kitchen extension. This spatial configuration, tapering the garden's principal sightline and stretching its focal plane had catalysed the design of a bespoke water feature, intended to produce crisp definition as a bold, lucent centrepiece. With the courtyard's prime focus instated, this granite waterfall and lower reflecting pool sustain an eye-catching dialogue between light and deep-toned design elements, in a contemporary conversation piece huddled among multi-stemmed greeneries.

10 teamwork

close-knit family

With fabulous input and a generous helping hand from a close-knit family, energetically enthused alongside an inspiring offbeat architect, and aided by a super-efficient contractor, we embarked on a 4-week modern garden design project in a busy Fulham road. This synergetic paragon, however fortuitous, had meanderingly transcended the many urban lifestyle paradoxes which pervade contemporary landscaping in metropolitan milieus – manifested through the lens of Clive Nichols.


A London garden designer's drafting table is frequently flawed by contrived and overused vignettes of permanent perfection, where fixedness of urban ideas hinders the pertinence and potentiality of wildlife, seasonality, eco friendliness, edibility, sustainability and diversity agendas – compressed into a rather limited and apathetic repertoire. As our clients' family grows and their garden flourishes, gradually altering use, the key elements we all aspired to achieve continue to surpass our initial outlook, where mellowing woodland trees soften architectural sleekness, chic pots make way for kids' horticulture, the water feature adopts some aquatic life and the entire framework is thriving through maintenance forethought.

– coda –

Blithesome Fulham

Five centuries of industrial enterprise, interlaced with Arts & Crafts movers and shakers, brewery life and proletarian football, have made way for bourgeois streetscapes around ye olde blithesome Fulham in less than fifty years, becoming a modern Mecca for in vogue interior designers. Super contemporary, conspicuously fashionable and quite possibly the chicest of the capital's burgeoning residential districts, Fulham dispatches more lifestyle trends than one can shake a stick at. For our down-to-earth judicious clients, this refined yet family-oriented, wildlife-friendly and all the same maintenance-free garden completes an ambitious home refurbishment project with sustained elegance which has transformed an unusable patch into a greener, user-friendlier, zestier and dreamier small town courtyard garden.