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Garden Design Photography

No inspiring garden design portfolio exists in isolation; its essence, creativity and distinction are distilled in each and every thoughtful image crafted by its photographers. The perseverance, ingenuity and creativeness required to produce image-making brilliance are steered by a personal touch, professionalism and imaginativeness to unravel and fully capture the evolution and continual progress of a garden designer's canon. While close relationships are often formed between like-minded artists, the garden photographers whom we collaborate with not only instil highly defined focus into diverse garden design projects, but also elevate London settings through contemporary vignettes of opulence, clarity, definition and narrational insight.

regent's park

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Contemporary family garden in North London.

Photographer: Jerry Harpur. Garden design: architectural planting, bespoke benches, water feature, sandstone, Ipe decking, raised beds, artificial grass play area, roof terrace planters, irrigation, front garden transformation. Images: Gardens Illustrated, Homes & Gardens.


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Water courtyard garden in North London.

Photographer: Helen Fickling. Garden design: waterfall pool, exotic planting scheme, grey limestone, Ipe decking, raised beds, seating, irrigation, outdoor lighting. Images: Livingetc, Arena, Grand Designs.


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Subtropical garden in South London.

Photographer: Lucy Fitter. Garden design: tropical planting, porcelain tiles, built-in bench, raised beds, two-tiered hardwood deck, hedging, stairways, front garden refurb. Images: House & Garden, Avivre.


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Topiary courtyard garden in Central London.

Photographer: Clive Nichols. Garden design: Shade planting, hedging, topiary, green wall, bespoke troughs, Cedar screen, synthetic grass play area, porcelain tiles, heating. Images: The Sunday Times.

saffron walden

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Modern Japanese garden in North Essex.

Photographer: Marianne Majerus. Garden design: Japanese planting scheme, granite rocks, walls, paths, floating decks, sunken garden, irrigation, lighting. Images: Country Life, Gartendesign Inspiration.


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Urban courtyard in South West London.

Photographer: Clive Nichols. Garden design: architectural planting, built-in bench, water feature pool, raised beds, hardwood decking, sculpture, porcelain tiles, roof terrace. Images: Evening Standard.


contemporary courtyard garden photos

Sculpture courtyard garden in Dorset.

Photographer: Carole Drake. Garden design: natural stone, sculpture displays, raised beds, succulent planting, Palm trees, colour scheme, stairways. Images: Ideal Home, Country Homes & Interiors.

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Refined Lens Vision

The trust and understanding between garden designers and garden photographers are formed in diverse environments, when intuition, reciprocation or mere chance express dynamical design nuances. The fascinating journey through contemporary journalism, materialised in editorial, book and online publications, style magazines, newspaper photo shoots and regular portfolio updates, sustains and refines not only the garden designer's body of work, but also the photographer's corpus of stock images. No matter what high-tech equipment may be utilised; unique aperture, depth of field, tripod control, camera angle and great image editing techniques, the photographic ideology of a garden photographer, or photographess, is invariably communicated through sheer refinement and thoroughly subjective lens vision.