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Evergreen by design, deciduous by maintenance and ecological by nature, the garden design and landscaping schemes we passionately craft throughout London imbibe and imbue our clients' keenness for indoor-outdoor concord, low maintenance layouts and contemporary simplicity. This shared viewpoint elucidates its architectural backbone in a triadic espousal of space, place and time, when original methods, well-matched materials and majestic plants compose hard, soft and highly detailed garden landscaping – implemented meticulously by a dedicated in-house construction team. With privateness paramount and durability predominant, we embark each garden design & build process with reciprocal aspirations of rousing renderings, connected surroundings and long-lasting graceful weatherings...

hard landscaping

natural landscapingcountry garden landscapingcourtyard landscapingminimalist landscaping

Clean lines – contrasting textures: contemporary garden landscaping.

Frontage to storage, in planking, panelling, paving, tiling, timbering and regal step landings, hard surfaces average eighty percent of most London garden landscaping projects. This copiousness of impervious materials and its unwavering rationale overwhelms local biodiversity and resident wildlife, transmuting organic availability into urbanised aloofness. Granted, we, hard-pressed cosmopolites, would all mostly prefer to devote precious interludes lounged in our gardens with wireless fidelity rather than toil and moil around them.


Yet, while private gardens cover a substantial quarter of London's anatomy, their sheer capacity to advance the capital into the world's greenest city is undeniably considerable. Elusive though all-important permeability mirrors a natural process, providing vital subterranean resources, albeit predominantly unseen. Like the amperage obtained from wind and solar powers, the by-products of contemporary garden design and landscaping in London gardens can and should embrace sustainability and recyclability in a not-so-unadaptable practice.

soft landscaping

planting design landscaping londonsubtropical landscapingmodern back garden landscaping londonarchitectural landscaping

A softer landscape: modern garden landscaping with foliage plants.

We spend countless hours envisioning garden landscaping layouts, prescribing clever details and constructing elaborate structures, yet no ingredient surpasses the legacy of man-made edifices more than plant life – evolving, progressing and maturing continuously, while its immutable compeers run out of relevance below steadfast canopies. Fleetingly seasonal yet stimulatingly permanent, the multi-sensory experiences we all subliminally and tangibly savour in the closeness of foliage impel a natural joie de vivre and essential well-being – a lyrical life force which synchronously echoes our own adagio-allegro pulse, fragility and strength with occasional seismic bursts con brio.


Yet, this verdant, life-giving perpetuity seems rather short-lived cosmically speaking, when both commercial habitat destruction and residential over-ornamentation effectuate a catastrophic decline of vital insects which threatens our very own existence. While scores of modern garden design and landscaping projects in London endorse low maintenance ubiquity under the premise of less plants more free time, we'd better have a single bee in the garden than in our upkeep bonnet, pollinating 5,000 blossoms a day, and there are thousands of flowering plants, nectared and up for the job, ornamentally as well as biologically, requiring minimal input while offering maximal output.

landscape lighting

contemporary landscaping with lighting london gardenlow maintenance garden landscaping londonsmall garden landscaping londonmodern town garden landscaping london

Well-lit contemporary garden landscaping in London gardens.

A sine qua non par excellence, outdoor lighting forms the most cost-effective, easily installed and functionally rewarding design element of contemporary garden landscaping in many London projects. While methodical scheduling establishes smooth construction, and accurate specification facilitates ultimate beam projection, the usefulness of contemporary garden lighting extends exterior utilisation immensely, both architecturally and practically. Low-tension, low-voltage, energy-savvy and aesthetically low-key, the LED technologies illuminating our modern garden landscaping generate a soothing afterglow, sculpting a sought-after intimate ambience which elevates daytime volumes into captivating night-time silhouettes at the simple touch of a keypad...

landscape detail

bespoke garden landscapinglarge garden landscapingwater feature landscapingmodern landscaping paving detail

Clarity, intention and constancy in garden design landscaping details.

Verse, version and variation, landscape detailing underpins precision both below and above ground. Detail indeed is everywhere – in solid designs, skilful landscaping frameworks and the spirited attention we rightly give it. From footings, fixings and drainage systems offstage to cladding, coating and coping on the front page, we, detail delegators, determinedly adhere to a simple yet limitless formula of imagination, capability and perseverance. Reliably and authentically imbued in its ensuing heritage, detail design isn't merely a badge of metreage, but rather an emblem of heritage, when the marriage of time and usage spawns vintage garden landscaping through gravitas, grip and grace.

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Landscaping Capabilities

Vision to vista, our London garden design and landscaping projects condense the merits of usability, applicability and infusibility within the boundless boundaries of outdoor innovation. While architectural aficionados, detail devotees and foliage junkies fraternise fervently to assimilate broader garden landscaping platforms in multidisciplinary modality, global focus sorely diverts onto the pressing phenomenon of environmental degeneration. With schematics put to one side and conservational onus put into action, we strive to mitigate universal uninhabitableness via enlightened garden design and landscaping practices pertinently of their spiritus mundi.


From architectural autopilot to ecological cruise control, the garden design landscaping path is growing ever-wider, as our lives narrow both climatically and sustainably. This simplest of reciprocities not only sidesteps weakly politics to coerce a crucial civilisational shift, but also demonstrates the timelessness of nature, its ecosystems and processes – a mutuality that transcends power, pretext and punditry – standing the test of time. Ecologically smarter, yet retaining aesthetic pith, personalised expression and sensible upkeep, the contemporary garden design and landscaping outlooks we propagate around London convey a threefold commitment: to clients' needs, environmental care and our own inspiration which organically fuels a steady progression.