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Portfolio Showcase

Established in 2001, the diverse portfolio of our specialist garden design company represents more than 250 landscape design & build private garden projects in London, encompassing town, family, patio, city and courtyard gardens across a multitude of scales. Immanently contemporary in essence, detail and construction, we continually grow our expertise in designing architectural, engaging and highly liveable outdoor spaces which thoroughly instil finesse and a sense of place.


contemporary natural large family garden landscape north london

A large family landscape garden in N20.

Location: North London. Size: 0.5-acre. Garden design: indigenous floras, natural stone walls, woodland trees, native plant habitats, children play zones, patio areas. Portfolio images: Amir Schlezinger.


contemporary large town garden landscape design north london

Medium-sized town garden in NW6.

Location: North London. Size: 100sqm. Garden design: sculptural plants, large-scale tiles, seating areas, cantilevered bench, custom planters, irrigation, lighting. Portfolio images: Amir Schlezinger.

saffron walden

contemporary residential landscape design studio london

A modern Japanese garden in CB11.

Location: North Essex. Size: 220sqm. Garden design: granite rocks, Yorkstone paths, floating decks, black and grey granite, basalt, quartz, water feature, hedging, walling. Portfolio images: Marianne Majerus.


contemporary bamboo garden design

Lush subtropical back garden in SW9.

Location: South London. Size: 65sqm. Garden design: evergreen planting, porcelain tiles, built-in benches, raised beds, split-level deck, hedging. Portfolio images: Lucy Fitter and Marianne Majerus.

regent's park

contemporary private family garden london

A contemporary family garden in NW8.

Location: North London. Size: 80sqm. Garden design: architectural plants, aperture benches, granite waterfall, bespoke sandstone, Ipe hardwood decking, raised beds. Portfolio images: Amir Schlezinger.


residential modern patio garden design london

Small patio garden in SW18.

Location: South London. Size: 25sqm. Garden design: sculpture wall, fish pond, outdoor wine pantry, fire features, hardwood decking, sandstone, sgraffito lime render. Portfolio images: Lucy Fitter.

clapham town

contemporary outdoor fire garden design london

Modern courtyard garden in SW4.

Location: South London. Size: 50sqm. Garden design: outdoor oven, sculpture wall, bespoke planters, waterfall rill, storage and bar, Ipe hardwood decking, basalt paving. Portfolio images: Marianne Majerus.

primrose hill

contemporary small family garden north london

A contemporary patio garden in NW3.

Location: North London. Size: 35sqm. Garden design: cantilevered bench, blue and buff sandstone, hardwood deck, woodland planting, raised beds. Portfolio images: Steve Gorton and Amir Schlezinger.


contemporary private garden landscape design london

Exotic water courtyard in NW3.

Location: North London. Size: 40sqm. Garden design: architectural planting, built-in seating, waterfall pool, raised beds, limestone paving, Ipe hardwood decking. Portfolio images: Jerry Harpur.


modern south london garden designers practice

Urban courtyard garden in SW6.

Location: South London. Size: 36sqm. Garden design: granite waterfall, built-in seating, porcelain tiles, hardwood decking, Cedar screening, indoor plants atrium, raised beds. Portfolio images: Clive Nichols.


chic london courtyard design studio

Modern topiary courtyard in W1.

Location: Central London. Size: 43sqm. Garden design: architectural hedging, green wall, porcelain tiles, artificial grass, bespoke planters, shade planting, irrigation, heating. Portfolio images: Clive Nichols.


central london modern private garden designers consultants

Small contemporary garden in SW1.

Location: Central London. Size: 32sqm. Garden design: slate waterfall, floating raised beds, bespoke sandstone, Japanese woodland planting, Narihira dake bamboo, Maples. Portfolio images: Marianne Majerus.


leading garden design company london

Modern architectural garden in N5.

Location: North London. Size: 40sqm. Garden design: architectural palm trees, bespoke steel bench, limestone, granite, artificial grass, custom planters, Cedar cladding. Portfolio images: Marianne Majerus.

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Contemporary Portfolio

Alongside contemporary back gardens and large-scale landscaping, we design and build numerous roof terraces throughout London. This particular area of expertise forms a reciprocal design element within our modern repertoire, where urban elements permeate through both disciplines to generate fascinating dynamics – a distinct hallmark of our cohesive, holistic approach, its garden design portfolio and the distinguished photographers who encapsulate our image gallery.