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Garden Design Principles

We've written hundreds of articles covering top projects, backstage tomfoolery, trend-infused topics, design techniques and inspirational ideas. This time around, we organise our most used words; no proper nouns, plant names, mottos, phrases or buzzwords – just an emotive chronology alphabetically narrated – a garden design A-Z of how we see the landscape theory of literarily everything. While some letters are only naturally humbly represented, there's a clear predominance of certain entries, commanded by C, E, M, P and S. Accompanying our finest images, these inspiring words evoke the purest context, colour, scale, rhythm, texture and balance which epitomise both the art and profound principles of modern garden design projects.

garden design ideas

modern courtyard garden design principlesmodern garden planting design principlescontemporary london garden design principlessmall garden design principles

A for abstraction, accentuation, aesthetics, alfresco, all-year-round, alpines, ambience, American, architectural, arid, aromatic, artificial, artistry, Asian, aspect, asymmetry, Australian, authentic and autumn.

B for backdrop, balance, bamboo, bbq, beds, Belgian, bees, berries, bespoke, biodiversity, birds, blooms, blueprint, boards, borrowed, borders, botanical, boulders, boundary, Brazilian, breadth, breathing space, breathtaking, brickwork, British, bromeliads, bubble, Buddha, budget, build, builders, building, built-in, bulbs and butterflies.

C for cactus, Californian, canes, canopies, cantilevered, cascading, Chinese, city, clad, cladding, clarity, clients, climate change, climbers, collaborative, colour, colourful, combinations, comfort, commissioned, compact, compass, composition, compost, concept, concrete, cones, conical, conifer, connection, conservation, construction, consultation, containerised, contemporary, context, continuity, continuum, contours, contrast, costs, country, countryside, couple, course, courtyard, craft, craftsmanship, creativity, creatures, creepers, crew, crisp, crops, cultivation, culture, curvature, custom-made and cycads.

courtyard garden ideas

courtyard landscape design principlesgarden lighting design principlesmodern patio design principlesminimalist garden design principles

D for deciduous, deck, decking, decorative, definition, demarcation, depiction, desert, designer, detail, detailed, detailing, development, dialogue, digging, digital, dimensions, dining, discreet, distinctive, diverse, drainage, drawings, durable, dusk, Dutch and dynamics.

E for earth, eco-friendly, ecosystem, edging, edible, editing, effective, efficiency, effortless, elegant, elements, elevation, elucidate, embody, embrace, emotion, emphasis, enable, encompass, endorse, endurance, energise, engage, engineering, enhancing, enjoy, en masse, enquiries, entail, entertain, enthusiasm, entice, entrance, envelop, environment, ergonomics, essence, essential, establish, estimate, ethos, European, evergreen, evoke, evolving, expand, expansive, expectations, expense, experience, expertise, explore, express, exterior and eye-level.

F for fabric, fabricate, facade, facilitate, factor, family, fauna, features, fern, fine-tune, finishes, fire pit, fitted, floating, flora, flourish, flow, flowering, fluidity, focal point, focus, foliage, foresight, form, fountain, frame, French, fresh, fronds, frost, fruit, functional, furniture and fuse.

patio design ideas

water feature design principlesmodern landscape detail design principleslow maintenance planting design principlesminimalist garden planting design

G for garden, generate, geometric, glass, glow, graceful, gradient, grand, grasp, grasses, green, grid, ground, growing and growth.

H for habitat, hands-on, hard landscaping, hardwood, harmonious, haven, heaters, hedge, herbaceous, herbs, highlight, historic, home, honed, horizon, horsetails, horticultural, house, hover, hub and hue.

I for iconic, ideal, ideas, illumination, imaginative, imbue, immersive, impact, impetus, individual, indoor-outdoor, informal, infuse, inherent, in-house, inner-city, innovative, insight, in-situ, inspiration, integral, integrate, interconnected, interlinked, interplay, intersperse, intimate, intricate, intriguing, intuitive, invigorating irrigation and Italian.

landscape design ideas

private modern landscape garden designcontemporary japanese garden design principlesmodern country garden design principlesarchitectural garden design principles

J for Japanese, journey, jungle and juxtaposed.

K for key, kids, kitchen and knowledge.

L for lake, land, landmark, landscape, landscaping, lawn, layered, layout, leafiness, LED, levels, lifestyle, light, lighting, linear, lines, linking, liveable, living wall, location, logistics, long-term, lounge, love, low-key, low maintenance, low-voltage and lush.

planting ideas

modern tropical planting design principleslarge modern london back garden designdrought tolerant modern garden planting design principlesmodern mediterranean garden design principles

M for maintain, manageable, man-made, matching, materials, matrix, maximise, meadow, Mediterranean, memorable, metal, methodology, metropolitan, Mexican, microclimate, minimalist, modern, modernised, modernism, moisture, mortar, moss, movement, mulch, multicoloured, multicultural, multidimensional, multidisciplinary, multifunctional, multilayered and multi stem.

N for narrative, native, natural, nature, nectar, neighbours, New Zealand flora, niche, night, North American, nuance and nursery.

O for one-off, on-site, optimal, opulent, orchid, organic, orientation, original, ornamental, outdoor, outline, outlook, outside and owners.

small garden ideas

modern sculptural garden designmodern garden design balance form shape principlesmodern garden design attention to detailmodern garden design position texture colour principles

P for pair, palette, palm, panorama, park, part, path, patio, pattern, paving, peaceful, pebbles, penthouse, perception, perched, perennials, perfection, perimeter, permanent, permeability, personal, perspective, pertinent, petals, philosophy, photographer, pine, pivotal, place, plan, planters, plants, platform, play, pollution, pool, porcelain, portfolio, portray, Portuguese, position, postmodernism, pot, potential, powder-coated, practical, practice, precious, premise, preparation, presence, preserve, privacy, private, proactive, process, producing, professional, progress, progressive, project, proportion, prospect and purposeful.

Q for quaint, qualities, quest, quietude and quintessence.

R for rain, rainforest, raised bed, recessed, reciprocal, rectangular, refined, reflections, refuge, refurbishment, regional, reiterate, relief, rendered, renewed, renovation, repeat, research, reshape, residence, residential, resilient, resourceful, resources, respite, rest, restorative, retaining wall, rhythm, river, robust, rooftop, room, rural and rushes.

large garden ideas

modern natural garden design principlescontemporary large garden design principlesmodern landscape gardens design principleslarge landscape garden scale contrast rhythm repetition principles

S for sanctuary, scale, scene, scented, scheme, scope, screen, sculptural, sculpture, seamless, seasonal, seating, seclusion, section, sedges, seed, seeking, segments, selections, sense, sensory, sequence, series, set, setting, shade, shadows, shapes, shelter, shrub, sightline, silhouettes, simplicity, sinuous, site, situated, size, sky, skyline, sleek, small, smooth, social, soft landscaping, solid, solutions, soothing, sound, source, South African, South American, space, Spanish, spatial, species, specimen, spectrum, sprawling, spring, square, steel, steps, stone, storage, streamlined, structural, structure, style, substantial, subtle, subtropical, summer, sun, sunny, surfaces, surroundings, sustain, sustainable, symmetrical, synthetic and system.

T for table, tactile, Tasmanian, taupe, team, techniques, temperate, terraced, terracotta, textures, three-dimensional, thriving, Tibetan, tiered, tiles, timber, time, timelessness, tones, topiary, topography, topsoil, town, tranquil, transform, transformation, transition, trees, Tree fern, treeline, treetops, trellis, trends, trendy, triangular, trim, trimming, tropical, troughs, trunks, tubs, turf, Tuscan and twilight.

U for ubiquitous, UK, ultimate, uncluttered, underlying, underpins, underplanted, undulating, unexpected, unfussy, unique, universal, unsustainable, unusual, unveils, upbeat, upclose, upkeep, urban, usability, usage, useful and utilise.

roof terrace ideas

modern roof terrace landscape design principleslarge roof garden design principleslondon modern penthouse large roof terrace designcontemporary roof terrace design principles

V for valuable, vantage point, varied, variegated, vases, vegetables, vegetation, verdant, versatile, vertical, vibrant, view, village, vine, vintage, vision, vista, visual, vital, vivid, vogue, void and volume.

W for wall, water, waterfall, weather, weeding, well-being, wetland, wharf, wild, wildlife, wind, windows, winter, wood and woodland.

X for xerophyte.

Y for year, Yin & Yang and young.

Z for zeitgeist, Zen-inspired, zest and zones.

– coda –

Lexicalise, Don't Alchemise

Threaded into every strand of contemporary outdoor living, modern garden design principles responsively reformat architectural spatiality – amplifying classicality with up-to-the-pixel computerised lineations, redrawing our lifestyles to educe uncharted possibilities. As syntactic delineations follow linguistic suit, academically galvanising universal lateral thinking, the fit design fundamentals, professional standards, technical essentials and ethical practices which model the landscape discipline reword their codex too; conceptually and pragmatically.


Uninhibited, digitised and virally funnelled in an image-driven world, this principled exteriority modulates interdependently among theory and praxis, when facta principally speak punchier than verba, even if at times a manuscript seems mightier than bulldozer mileage. With a mindful modus operandi etched into exploratory copy, and measured terminologies perfusing vocational methodologies, we invariably seek a balanced narrative of meaning, context and usefulness, as premise and product entwine in an elucidation of function followed by form – woven into 700 single words – our A-Z of everything garden design!