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Indoor-outdoor Flow

Glass technologies revolutionised how we view and use our gardens, enabling indoor-outdoor continuity beyond any garden design luxury. Augmenting this spatial homogenisation are matching conveniences, surfaces, structures, colours and luminaires – the nifty hallmarks of a sleeker and cushier outdoor room concept of living. With a functional veracity on a par with their interior counterparts, outdoor furniture, ovens, fridges, fire pits, kitchens, light features, bar counters, sound systems, heaters, planters and art works embody the modern-day annexation of gardens as compatible constituents of our homes.


Yet, unlike self-cleaning glass, through routine chemicalised elbow grease, all this clinical compatibility with its high-energy consumption and luxurious sophistication sterilely separates nature from our lives, clouding vital eco-friendliness. Architecturally immutable to dispatch minimality of effort and maximality of impact, this one-way symmetry catalyses the tricky conundrums of modern garden design specialists – vista baristas of smoothly percolated indoor-outdoor perspectives...

hard landscaping

indoor outdoor small london gardenmodern indoor outdoor town garden londoncontemporary indoor outdoor garden design north londonindoor outdoor courtyard garden design london

Continuous surfaces, elevations, textures and colours.

As we weigh up the varying advantages of bi-folding, sliding and pivot doors, elegant hard landscaping achieves surface congruity with conclusive congeniality. Many town gardens are growing infinitesimally smaller owing to a universal urban sprawl, its unmanageable housing demands and unaffordable properties, as well as a distinct mutation in consumptive attitudes, further shrunk by side extensions, prodigal outhouses, vast basements, storage sheds and off-street parking.


This coveted expansiveness, inchmeal gained, is deftly bolstered by solidified spatial solutions clad in stone, tiles, concrete, timber and rendered finishes, increasingly artificialised into composite materials by virtue of maintainability – shored up by minimal upkeep planting designs. From minimalism to realism, we contemplate, brainstorm and envisage every conceivable landscaping alternative to galvanise the next indoor-outdoor garden design episode by harnessing scalability, honing uniformity and accenting sightlines – in a complex continuum where more is clearly more, spaciousness-wise.

outdoor seating

indoor outdoor minimalist gardenindoor outdoor patio garden designsmall architectural inside outside courtyard gardenelegant interior exterior garden design

Informal seating areas in modern indoor-outdoor gardens.

Undoubtedly, garden seating forms the highlight of interior-exterior reciprocality, and getting au fait with this compartmentation refines contemporary zonality more than any other garden design technique. While outdoor spaces are tangibly fragmented into small segments in divisional inescapability, intimate clustering, sitting, perching, cooking and dining alfresco stabilise urbanised inevitabilities, when outside miniaturisation is mitigated by a more diverse range of utilisations, their candidness of purpose, accuracy of execution and plentiness of usage. Parallel seating hubs, built-in benches, daybeds, casual stools and floating decks converge at the delicate juncture of liveability and desirability, functionality and sociability, dependability and centricity – ultimately accomplishing sought-after garden design presentability.

focal points

indoor outdoor modern landscape designsmall courtyard garden indoors outdoors designlarge town garden london indoor outdoor view through doorsoutdoor indoor view modern london back garden

Diverse focal points within indoor-outdoor landscape designs.

Framed panoramas, structural features, art works, sculptural plants, bespoke planters, unique cavities and outdoor lighting articulate the genius of architectural gardens, achieving allurement, balance, fluidity and individualisation – charismatically layering inside-outside vistas. This connective modality embodies the cross-fertilisation of methods, contexts and contemporary garden design ideas, when powerful parity fulfils the abundant potentiality of indoor-outdoor garden designs. As we seek to depreciate duality in sustaining a two-way dialogue both internally and externally, this choreographic theatricality attains greater spatiality, clarity and desirable interconnectivity.

garden style

modern living room to garden design flow of materials and colourssmall patio garden indoor to outdoor designarchitectural courtyard garden design flow from inside to outsidesmall city garden matching interior and exterior

Stylistic home-garden expressions and detailed lifestyle nuances.

Style propagators par excellence, indoor-outdoor London town gardens fertilely fuse new ideas into the house-garden mainstream. Hailing from Californian modernity, where dry weather, sun-drenched patio gardens and minimalist architecture stimulate alfresco ideality worldwide, the shrewdness of high-contrast garden designs eclipses our dimmed temperate daylight – readapted inspirationally to create dynamic landscape views – either side of the bi-folding door...


This house-into-garden interconnectedness, conveyed via seamless transitions from indoors to outdoors, thrives by the manipulation of light, infusibility of design trends and optimality of garden lifestyles, when pure views, however miniscule, generate higher senses of space and place. With Western European weather far less conducive to on-tap garden dwelling than its Pacific style progenitor, we endeavour to soften perceptions of architectural separateness through contrasting materials, bold textures, harmonious colours and radiant reflections to form indoor-outdoor integrality with a gardenful of inspiration.

low maintenance

stylish london back garden interior exterior designbespoke indoor outdoor garden designlow maintenance indoor outdoor garden designurban indoor outdoor garden design

Indoor-outdoor, low-maintenance contemporary London town garden.

Ubiquitous exemplars of an oxymoronic lifestyle, as outside plots become absurdly smaller, low maintenance gardens manifest indoor-outdoor cordiality with interior-induced spotlessness, where classical dabbles in contemporary, synthetic eyes up organic and maintenance assumes a whole new incognito persona – resulting in prized visual continuity, yet perpetuating an ill-informed segregation of nature.


The balance between veraciousness of elements, exiguity of space and familiarity of conveniences, amid a widespread predisposition to uncluttered spaces, finds its niche through focality, accessibility and viewability in virtuosic indoor-outdoor vignettes. Still, by refocusing maintainability onto more natural purposes, attending to low-impact materials, low-input plantings, low-carbon practices and low-residue pesticides, we can better sustain urban immaculateness and verdant naturality with ingenuity, homogeneity and multifunctionality.

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Reciprocal Permutations

In an ever-expanding urban milieu, we all seek rejuvenating light, precious privacy and luscious leafiness to cope better with shade, dreariness and mediocrity; habitability factors willingly fulfilled by effective indoor-outdoor garden designs. Competently framing these contemporary verdant jewels are glazed expanses of floor-to-ceiling doors, windows, apertures and skylights, unveiling the outside from the inside and contrariwise. Screens, raised beds, benches, fire pits, lighting, decking, tiling, cladding, colour, art and sound merge every aspect of metropolitan living functionally, analogously and inspiringly – mimicking interior-like three-dimensionality in their expandable permutations through the parallelity of the indoor-outdoor garden.