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Indoor-outdoor Synthesis

London, a glamorous gateway to roofs of the world, dispatches high-reaching spaces with attitude at altitude – shouting urban gospel day and night from its refulgent rooftops. But, not all of the capital's roof terraces are made equal. A cut above the rest, indoor-outdoor rooftop gardens transcend archetypical design models into their skyline in a three-way interconnection between interior, exterior and landscape – a seamlessness tangibly and inspiringly grasped through full-height glazed expanses. This architectural synthesis drives our roof garden design philosophy when developing London penthouses, and in this article, we take a peek at the peak of indoor-outdoor roof terrace design with some ambrosial bonnes bouches, up on the rooftops.

penthouse living

indoor outdoor small london roof terracemodern indoor outdoor large roof garden londoncontemporary indoor outdoor penthouse rooftop londonindoor outdoor minimalist roof terrace london

Uninterrupted views, matching surfaces and cohesive colour palettes.

Converging three hemispheres, our British weather isn't particularly conducive to consistent outdoor living – compelling inspired indoor-outdoor design formulas to dynamise roof terrace dwellings outwards. Further minimising usage, wind, pollution and the occasional intense heat merit interior-exterior coalescence to maximise panoramic vistas while we're snug inside. Parallelly juxtaposed, indoor-outdoor rooftop terrace gardens impart an intriguing continuity of surfaces, structures and ambiences, thoroughly embodied in the essence of bespoke roof terrace designs – the plentiful portals to modern penthouse living...

roof terrace views

indoor outdoor roof terrace viewindoor outdoor private roof terrace designarchitectural inside outside roof terrace gardenelegant interior exterior roof garden design

Integrated, complementary indoor-outdoor roof terrace vistas.

Often enfolded by wrap-around, elongated or geometric roof terraces, many London city apartments savour integral skylined panoramas; an aerial distinctiveness unmistakably discerned aloft the urban treeline, imparting integral indoor-outdoor focus. Punctuating these pure roof terrace views are prominent landmarks – some familiar, others high-profile and a few yet to be zanily nicknamed... The design principles which embrace this architectural lineage of interior, roof terrace and backdrop seek to achieve skyward focality, uniform detailedness and inside-outside correlativity to preserve transparency of vistas, as well as authenticity of locations, while expanding a vital sense of space. These perspectival panoramas and their sought-after voluminosity, where condensable design elements and expansive skyline views reciprocate through inside-outside continuance, have become the full-bodied vistas brewed by canny roof terrace design baristas...

focal points

indoor outdoor modern roof terrace landscape designroof terrace indoors outdoors designsmall city rooftop garden london indoor outdoor view through skylightoutdoor indoor view modern london penthouse rooftop

Draw and focus of design focal points in indoor-outdoor roof terraces.

Whether archetypally enveloping entire living spaces, floating companionless atop riverside penthouse pods, or dotted as outdoor fragments around converted period homes, urban roof terraces are invariably geared towards indoor-outdoor integrality. This inherent wholeness unveils its reciprocal facets through diverse focal points, when compatible outlines, tonalities and textures reiterate interior components, and echo contiguous contours in the skyline. Granted, allurement, focality and three-dimensional accentuation perpetuate visual enticement in every garden design project, yet, throughout London's sharp-edged metropolitan highlands, roof terraces are no ordinary interior-led sidekicks, generating superior focal magnetism and high contrast, backlit by crisp skies. By integrating comparable indoor planters, layering volumes and focusing site-specific shapes, we accomplish judicious interspersion of silhouetted sculpturing – the touchstone of modern indoor-outdoor roof terrace designs.

roof terrace lifestyle

small city roof garden indoor to outdoor designmodern living room to roof terrace design flow of materials and coloursarchitectural roof terrace design flow from inside to outsidesmall city roof terrace matching interior and exterior

Indoor-outdoor interdependence of lifestyle design elements.

Deprived of light, privacy and quietude, or simply needing a London base, hordes of us keep flocking to apartmental heights, preferably penthoused, with sweeping views and indoor-outdoor plenteousness to boot. The multilayeredness of many London roof terrace pieds-a-terre galvanises interplays of shade, light, interior, exterior, transition and focus, heightened by cultural expressions, alfresco opportunities, personal ornamentation, edible gardening and ecological endeavours. This indoor-outdoor methodology, its flawless integrability and fine interconnectivity, facilitates engaging roof terrace gardens as private urban hideaways – the acid tests of foliar, social and architectural designs. Still, as we resolve the nitty-gritty of a resurgent lifestyle, the reciprocality which characterises indoor-outdoor living ought to encompass our fragile environment too, via sustainable rooftop terraces – catering for all creatures great and small...

low maintenance

stylish london roof terrace interior exterior designbespoke indoor outdoor roof garden designlow maintenance indoor outdoor roof terrace designurban indoor outdoor roof terrace design

Streamlined, slimline, low upkeep, bespoke indoor-outdoor planters.

Low maintenance, the cosmic doorway to a hassle-free life, headlines every project we're commissioned to design in London as the coveted undercurrent. Captaining the varied cosmetic requirements of these cosmopolitan fundamentals can prove wearying at time, yet while we often formulate minimalist roof terrace layouts, the benefits of this ultimate lifestyle manifest their worthwhileness as faithful indicators of longevity. Indoor-outdoor roof terraces truly lend themselves to a minimal upkeep approach, satisfying an innate need for spotlessness both inside and outside, signified in the lenient amounts and types of plants, surface selections, planter finishes, furniture choices and automation of irrigation, lighting and heating. Waterproof, windproof, sunproof, shatterproof, childproof and pet-proof, the specifications which form a reliable low-maintenance barometer likewise pervade London rooftops in the colonisation of indoor-outdoor ideologies, when entertaining ad hoc ought to be congenially foolproof.

roof terrace lighting

indoor outdoor roof terrace design with lightingbespoke indoor outdoor roof terrace designmatching indoor outdoor roof terrace kitchen viewurban indoor outdoor roof terrace design flow

Night-time continuum in an indoor-outdoor penthouse roof terrace.

External lighting fosters indoor-outdoor cohesiveness more than any other roof terrace design element, and while countless of our London clients utilise their rooftop gardens nocturnally, this energy-efficient, maintainable and brilliantly impactful design aspect crowns interior-exterior continuance with unequalled gusto. Subdued, bold or merely accentual, roof terrace lighting not only emanates a warm spectrum of colour constancy amid rooftop and residence, but also interlinks roofscape with cityscape rather readily. From our unremitting urban skyglow to intimate, private afterglow, well-lit roof terraces radiate within a London horizon, where site-responsive lighting generates glowing roof terraces, evocative of their backdrops yet serviceable.

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Interchangeable Luminosity

From bohemian or eclectic to spectacularly streamlined, every London roof terrace project we develop imbues amplified luminosity; the signature attribute of contemporary penthouse apartments sleekly surfaced both vertically and horizontally. This emanative light quality finds its apt interchangeability nestled within highly desirable indoor-outdoor harmony, furthered by idiosyncratic veracity and architectural discernment. Luxuriantly foliaged, opulently detailed and captivatingly lit, rooftop exteriors and apartment interiors interchange a sequential duologue of vital balance, shared liveability and alluring panache.