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A Trio of Islington Gardens

We returned to create a third garden on this Islington street, where an unusual space presented abundant potential to enhance indoor-outdoor fluidity. The clients had a clear vision of the framework they sought to achieve, and with creative reciprocation, the new garden forms an intimate retreat. Our clients' love of their outdoor space, penchant for alfresco dining and sense of minimalism is clearly expressed in the wonderful photographs they'd shared with us.

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modern garden wall
modern garden design plan n1
islington garden design before

1 before

space redefined

Our first task was to remove an overgrown, misshapen Sycamore tree; this unintended plant obscured precious daylight, and depleted soil nutrients, while indenting a shared boundary. With the tree removed, we redefined the garden space into three distinct zones, and focused on enhancing outdoor privacy. Having designed and built the next-door garden, we had a thorough grasp of Islington's microclimate, and to enable contemporary garden design nuances, we recycled existing Yorkstone via a reclamation yard – replacing it with new sandstone.

2 design

essential seclusion

With six elevations at various angles enveloping a 35-square-metre garden, we sought to create an effortless, unfussy design to mould a cohesive layout. A Buff sandstone grid defines the hard landscaping around built-in seating, while Balau decking merges with the interior floor. A raised bed features tall Bamboo, adding essential seclusion, enhanced by Silver birch and Japanese maple trees which generate eye-catching, contrasting focal points. A semi-cantilevered bench integrates into the raised bed, where its elegant seat reiterates the deck's linear details. Floating above smooth stone, the bench cavity emits a warm glow at dusk in a low maintenance garden design.

3 colour

distinctive palette

Our clients selected a striking colour palette for the boundaries; the back wall's deep slate-grey hue highlights the emerald tones of lush Bamboo, fusing with surrounding roofscapes. The raised bed's lighter taupe complements natural surface materials, and recedes into the backdrop – increasing sense of space; its side elevations feature a light tone to enhance luminosity. We were chuffed to see an angle added later on by the clients onto the elevation beside the raised bed, creating a permanent shadow pattern, where this play of light tricks the eye into greater sense of depth – materialised through a dynamic client-designer reciprocation of courtyard garden ideas.

4 green

environmental centrepiece

The clients were keen to include a green wall, and the decked lounge area provided an ideal location. The small, space-saving feature was mounted onto a walled elevation, enabling ample room below for socialising. With discreet irrigation and subtle drainage details, this verdant zone is efficient and environmentally friendly, producing a captivating textural centrepiece viewed from an indoor study.

small garden islington modern green wall
contemporary colourful low garden chairs
outdoor garden dining north london

5 dining

alfresco catering

The elegant anthology of contemporary outdoor furniture, compiled sensitively by the clients, enhances lasting ambience with slim seat profiles – conveyed amid a vitalising vibrant colour palette. We've enjoyed bountiful hospitality while working on site, when every guest savoured a delicate spread of culinary delights, cordially prepared in the warmth of this sunlit garden. It's undeniably heartwarming to see the outdoor space frequently used, within an engaging dining area.

6 chairs

pink perfection

Just the one pink wire chair, added by the clients, creates refined focus, and Ella the cat agrees too, as she weaves herself among this sanguine garden architecture. We love the thoughtfulness in creating a triad of cerise tones between the Japanese maple, Dogwood and pink chair, while vividly contrasting the slate-grey background.

7 raised

rebuilt topography

We utilised a resourceful technique for the raised bed's design & build. To conserve the fence behind, minimise supplementary earth and enhance sense of depth, the cavity wasn't backfilled and planted with Bamboo, similar to the species we established previously in the neighbouring garden. Our clients next door enjoy an upper terrace which overlooks this space, and the vigorous Phyllostachys aurea had filled the bare boundary instantaneously, providing seclusion. While an efficient irrigation system augments moisture for contained roots, the sunbeams filtering through translucent Bamboo foliage produce serene atmosphere at daybreak.

8 maple

‘bloodgood’ so good

There are hundreds of Japanese maple cultivars and varieties, yet only several are truly remarkable. Acer palmatum ‘Bloodgood’ is at the very apex, invigorating many shaded patio garden settings. In this sheltered corner, enveloped by brick walls, this architectural Maple produces dainty textures, generating graceful silhouettes onto smooth sandstone and rendered elevations. With a verdant veil of Bamboo as its backdrop, this small deciduous tree enjoys a cosy microclimate, enhancing the garden with an enchanting crimson palette – ranging from lush spring tones to an exquisite autumnal afterglow.

modern shade garden planting
contemporary islington garden raised bed
red dogwood contemporary garden

9 cornus

crimson overtones

The red-barked Siberian Dogwood, Cornus alba ‘Sibirica’, is at the zenith of a winter architectural garden. Selected by the clients to complete a triangle of red hues, this indispensable, unfussy shrub produces energising presence. Fast-growing Dogwood stems are useful for indoor displays – forming valuable additions for a wildlife garden with nectar-rich, white blooms and delicate berries favoured by birds. Featured in a sculptural vase, the Cornus completes our seasonal cycle mindset, enhancing an all-year-round design approach.

10 islington

a contemporary milieu

You won't get much more pizzazz in six square miles than in cheery Islington. Perhaps it's the proximity to Camden, Highbury, Clerkenwell, Shoreditch and Hoxton? From Upper Street to Gainsborough Studios, Chapel Market and every fine Georgian terrace in between, we enjoy creating a multitude of gardens, roof terraces, courtyards and patios here. Islington's broad spectrum of outdoor spaces – from minimalist to Mediterranean, wildlife to family gardens, and brand-new canalside penthouse rooftops – defines an urban factor as buoyant as can be.

– coda –

Designed in Islington

Living and designing gardens in North London is always energising, where N1's Islington forms a distinct cultural hub at the centre of our capital. Every aspect and facet of North London's history is steeped in an Islington narrative, and this remarkable essence isn't just unveiled within the area's urban topography, its football pedigree and diverse cuisine – it's very much deeply rooted in the landscape of its eclectic, multidisciplinary garden projects – distinctly designed in Islington!