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During the Build

A creative, close-knit and charismatic landscape construction crew produces crisp results consistently in a building process which is fun to experience, while forging a durable outdoor legacy. Where would a garden designer or landscape architect indeed be without trustworthy landscaping teams to transform mere blueprints with big visions into workable schemes? Resourceful dependability, inventive interpretation and skilful uniformity form the true hallmarks of a successful garden construction team, a one which sustains diverse landscape design & build dynamics with maturing experience and a meticulous attention to detail throughout varied project scales. In this article, we take you behind the scenes through intriguing pictorial moments which capture those definitive, delightful nuances when modern garden designers simply know the landscape construction crew has got their back!

Hope you enjoy the journey.

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large courtyard garden constructionmodern courtyard garden seating area
specialist landscape constructionmodern rock garden landscape design
modern japanese garden constructioncontemporary rock waterfall with lighting

1 walls

Great garden walls form definitive backdrops in countless landscape constructions; their character enhanced further by the progression of time through graceful weathering. Inventive wall designs, augmented by attentive construction skills, intuitive layouts and lush, contrasting soft landscaping, achieve one of the most fundamental principles of well-crafted garden design projects – defining pivotal scale, framed views and precious privacy, while sustaining textural frameworks.

2 stone

Exquisite stonework is distinguished within all outdoor crafts in its intrinsic labour of love ethos, central in all landscape construction workmanship. Talented garden contractors facilitate entire landscape frameworks founded across well-drained paved expanses through fine structural insight, materials knowledgeability and expert water runoff techniques. Superimposed within these hard landscaping foundations, the matrix of paths, steps, walls, edges and natural stone focal points define back-breaking routines indeed, yet ones which are epitomised by dexterity, flair, patience, professionalism and the utmost pride.

small modern courtyard garden constructionstylish courtyard garden project
expert landscape construction teambespoke london patio back garden
construction image modern garden build in progressmodern landscaped designer large back garden

3 water

Well-engineered water features exemplify aptitude and expertness on both sides of the drawing table, or teams' lunch break... No landscape designer can produce a perfect, operational, man-made body of water without the expertise of garden constructors experienced in aquatic craftwork and their refined grasp of advantageous designer-contractor reciprocation. Willingness to experiment, and perseverance, alongside a good measure of calming aura go a long way when crafting inspiring water cascades, coupled with plumbing ingenuity, masonry skills and electrical know-how, which naturally take highly ambitious, modern landscape architecture from blueprint to tangible soothing splashes.

4 steps

The knack for working accurately with garden levels across broad-ranging project scales is akin to audibly having absolute pitch, and this capability, augmented by years of setting out plan outlines to actual scale, enables perfectly reconstructed topography interwoven into flawless, enhanced ergonomics. Commencing with bold, strategic groundworks, and culminating in the minutiae of specific grout lines, smooth trims and accomplished finishes, the topographic remoulding which narrates new landscape choreographies forms the journey we take through every newborn outdoor space – sustained by dynamic level changes and enduring, consummate construction.

professional landscaping team at work on sitecomplete town garden design project with stunning lighting
landscapers at work london back gardeninnovative design landscaping london garden project
top garden construction team bespoke finishfulham back garden full renovation with lighting

5 lighting

The nuanced design intentions which permeate the layers of a built landscape inextricably materialise through reciprocal interaction with specialised, affiliated building trades. Adept outdoor lighting design heightens well-constructed gardens immeasurably, intensifying each and every constructed detail after sundown to reveal a utopian urban vision. This noble craft of the landscape design profession enjoys its crowning glory unfailingly whatever the outdoor occasion, although always unveiling inherent flaws and organic imperfections where due attention was somewhat less than thoroughly perfect...

6 seating

Outdoor garden seating encompasses skilful versatility as one of the most multidisciplinary fields of contemporary landscape construction, where masonry, woodcraft, lights, plants, heating, art, cooking, sound and storage are assembled ingeniously to achieve maximum comfort. Largely built-in, and truly characterising virtuoso garden construction techniques, the bespoke seating hubs which introduce pivotal focus into countless landscape designs articulate multifunctionality with valuable purpose as synchronised, all-in-one, integral structures.

plants delivery london landscaping projecthighly detailed planting beds lush plants stone and tiles
large scale modern landscape constructionhuge white conical pots with silver birch trees
on site bespoke garden construction teamstainless steel tiles slate and render water feature

7 planting

Nothing is perhaps more complete than a multifaceted landscaping team which consummately concludes a garden design project with soft-handed finesse, planting out hedges, trees and perennials once heavy-duty preparation had rewardingly led to verdant foliage. Soft landscaping is unquestionably a fine art form, a one preserved by meticulous, infrastructural groundwork and continual maintenance. Yet, no such leafy vision thrives merely by its planting plan drawing, but rather as a result of foundations set by multi-skilled landscape construction practitioners, creating anchorage, drainage, irrigation and adding soil conditioning, while setting out delicate saplings, as well as managing the complexities of large-scale specimen plants.

8 planters

Roof terrace landscape construction involves complementary labour capabilities, where custom-made planters require specialised building methods. The substructures which sustain thriving roof gardens entail well-fitted landscaping systems, and when installed attentively ensure long-lasting functionality in challenging urban environments and their changeable microclimates. The astute understanding of these rigorous roof garden design principles, bolstered by the tenacity of working at great heights, tech-savvy inclinations, ingenious skilfulness, hands-on experience and profound cultivation insight manifest their benefits in well-made, well-drained and well-watered roof terrace havens.

central london garden landscaping work in progressmayfair topiary sleek courtyard garden
top landscapers modern garden refurbishmentinspiring modern outdoor garden sculpture display ideas
modern large garden landscape constructioncontemporary japanese garden design landscaping company london

9 surfaces

Every garden surface tells an intriguing story – in the origins of its natural materials, its spatial qualities and indeed the pedigree of its landscape construction labourers. Tiles, hardwood, limestone, granite, grass, bricks, sandstone, slate, basalt and concrete in all their worthy variations form a vast gamut of designs, courtyard details, enhancive textures and professional construction techniques, where brand-new synthetic products, juxtaposed with ancient, weathered or reclaimed materials derive their renewed meaning in the hands of accomplished craftspeople. This zealous passion for tailoring unique landscapes in the urban, suburban and great outdoors generates solid backdrops for entire landscape designs in engagingly memorable settings.

10 sculpture

Sculpting exterior spaces into liveable and durable environments caters rewarding adventures for both our clients and the landscape builders who reshape ordinary outdoor settings into highly bespoke gardens. This shared aspiration permeates every layer of contrasting detail and three-dimensional perspective, savoured in broader senses of depth and meaning via the progression of time towards maturity. Garden sculpture and its numerous facets best portrays the pinnacle of such design & build achievements – enveloped by the sculptural frameworks which sustain its presence with flair and substance.

– coda –

Building Landscapes

Landscape construction professionals perform their trade in pure craftsmanship, free of trends, client-designer agendas or architects' contrivances. The intense physicality of this craft, however, is a one determined by a myriad of continuously challenging site conditions – from the logistic complexity of groundworks in landscape gardens to the dizzying, windblown heights of urban roof terraces – immersed in ever-shifting weather. While we all select our best alfresco moments, when the sky is clear and temperatures are just right, the remarkably skilled landscape constructors producing these ideal outdoor habitats commence a demanding journey in each and every project, where the quality of their handiwork, utter dedication and expertise is forever developed through genuine camaraderie and masterful workmanship.


Even the slightest landscape designer tweak, minor plan revision or mere budgetary edit involve schedular twists and turns which affect the building process, increasing its engineering intricacies, and when a garden designer proudly presents a brand-new portfolio showpiece, its building blocks, detailed precision and perfected finish invariably form sheer testament to its landscape builders – the very backbones of collaborative, multidisciplinary garden design teamwork backstage!