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Landscape Design Inspiration

Pristine ideologies and hands-on techniques interlock to translate inspired landscape design ideas into thriving and highly functional gardens. Underpinning this modern garden design methodology is a vast and diverse lifelong knowledge of plants, materials and cultures, delineated through holistic, multidisciplinary practices. Every project we undertake embodies this compelling ethos – enhancing clients' homes with the end products of tangible landscape design ideas as integral parts of a growing, forward-looking garden design portfolio.

planting ideas

large town garden landscape design ideasarchitectural garden design ideasmodern courtyard landscape garden design ideaslush urban landscape design ideas

Evergreen, low maintenance, architectural soft landscaping ideas.

The optimal amounts, species and diversities of plants achieve ideal garden design environments, when the emulative riches of nature are reprised as inimitable personal planting styles. Both a modern metier and an ancient art form, this pursuit of verdant vitality represents the most egalitarian of all creative, humanistic and scientific fields. With a keen eye for light and shadow, expressive combinations and fervent conservationism, plant adventurers impel the natural progress which nourishes modern garden well-being – where landscape design ideas accomplish their utmost fulfilment as invigorative planting designs – albeit idiomatically Latinised... Majestically accrescent right through to maturity, with pulsative rhythmicity and indispensable seasonality, plants re-energise daily grinds, animating verdurous garden designs.

water feature ideas

minimalist private landscape design ideascontemporary courtyard landscape design ideasmodern water feature landscape design ideasmodern London garden landscaping design ideas

Contemporary landscape design ideas for urban water features.

Artificial, attitudinal and wholly architectural, aqueous endeavours epitomise the most ambitious and technically elusive of all landscape design ideas. Water feature creations entail great religious intentness in envisioning, fine-tuning and maintaining nature-like mechanisms. From gracefully resplendent to elaborately statemental, this enduring automation of natural watercourses generates inspiring focal points in immersive confluence, ornamental congruence and metaphorical confidence. Sound, movement, tactility, coolness, humidity, reflection and refraction alternate cohesively as we seek effortless tranquillity – reimagined, reinterpreted and remodelled in life-giving Alhambresque waterway formality or the spiritual allurement of Eastern gardens.

garden seating ideas

modern country garden landscape design ideasprivate landscape garden design ideasmodern landscape design ideas for large private gardensmodern garden seating landscape design ideas

Modern seating areas for large landscape gardens.

Diurnally predefined, ergonomically predisposed and truly primary, comfy garden seating areas relay a visual lexis of vantage, refuge and modern multifunctionality. From small town courtyards to large-scale landscape gardens, those of us providential enough to soak up the perfect sun path, shelter from wind and rain, or absorb awe-inspiring panoramas in bespoke seating precision will attest to the integrality of this amalgamative design process. Merging combinable elements, construction skills and unitive verdancy in a broad, insightful ambit, contemporary garden seating areas exemplify every stratum of all-embracing and profoundly inspirational landscape design ideas.

low maintenance ideas

contemporary patio landscape design ideaslandscaping design ideas for small city gardenssmall family london patio garden landscaping ideasmodern family garden landscape design ideas

Easy upkeep landscape design ideas for private gardens.

The paradox of a low maintenance lifestyle in ever-shrinking gardens continues to resonate pervasively in every London project we design. Whether created for a single person, a couple, or a family, no garden design brief eludes the mere conformity of a minimal upkeep tagline – abated nonetheless by the uniformity of inspired and individualised landscape design ideas. Economically functional, horticulturally canny and user-ready right out of the box, this accommodative materiality forms the very acid test for the usability of small city gardens.


Resultantly, the climacteric appreciation of hard landscaping and artificial materials instigates a devaluation of plant life, permeability, wildlife resources, vital naturality and organic maintenance practices. Inclinational by nurture as a sheer necessity in a world gone painfully practical and rather ecologically unkind, this self-induced dichotomy proves unknowingly uncompromising yet enthusiastically catalytic. As game-changing landscape design ideas evolve to resolve disoriented ecosystems, the virtues of low maintenance find their cogent link in a renewed symbiosis of sustainable architectures, regenerated cultures and a manageable perception of maintainability and nature in toto.

ecological ideas

natural landscape garden design ideasecological landscape planting design ideaswildlife landscape planting design ideasnatural landscaping design build ideas

Landscape design ideas for modern eco-friendly gardens.

Ecological indifference impedes universal well-being, compromising long-term sustainability, and spawns patently polluting prodigality – permeated with misconceptions of biotic liveability. As three quarters of us are being carelessly shepherded into sky-scrapered towns and cities within the next two decades, unfriending nature altogether, the ritualistic rigidness of artificialisation, over-consumption and over-urbanisation underscores an uncivilised global regressiveness.


Mitigated by the clearest, simplest and user-friendliest landscape design ideas, modern garden biodiversity practices reincarnate as the very new touchstones of outdoor living – not only as environmental renovators, but also as apt emblems of architectural sobriety. Native species, lax wildlife habitats, organic cultivation, recyclable materials, seasonal edibility, regional economics and valued biophilic greenness all together promote long-lasting solutions for private gardens, public spaces and natural landscapes within a balanced environment – alas remaining the arch-antagonists of mass-produced lifestyles.

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Landscape Capabilities

Propagated from somnolent drawing tables, exhilarating on-site experimentations and collaborative lifelong fieldworks, throughout coffee-table periodicals and to online shareability, many outstanding landscape design ideas exchange phone screenshots as hot muffins in rush hour breakfast cafe bars. Often speculative and occasionally intended, these immaculate concepts, some authentically innovative and others purely updatable, quench an insatiability for entertaining, wowing and flaunting the latest garden design trends in our humble plots. This remarkableness of layouts, plants, materials, detail, water, surfaces, lighting, seating and maintenance efficiency, however niftily customised, remains the dependable hallmark of inspiring landscape design ideas, as we endeavour to untangle ecological unfriendliness through sustainable, enduring and environmentally-led processes.