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Landscape Garden Inspiration

Formulating ideas for large gardens is often simpler than working on small outdoor spaces, when grand concepts, master plan layouts and extensive planting are by and large developed intuitively, with greater room to express landscape design ideas and articulate them on-site. Granted, the logistic complexities of constructing large gardens entail further considerations with regard to earthworks, quantity surveying, work schedules and budgetary responsibilities. Yet, the inspiration of energising sky, native trees, wildlife habitats, flowing water and local materials steers design ideas towards an equilibrium of ecology and man-made structures in a broad spectrum of possibilities.

level changes

large landscape design levels changes

Natural stone steps with native planting.

Each transition in a large garden, however subtle, should be a celebration of textures, materials detail and foliar changes. In this garden, the gradient slopes gently around a retaining wall to enable unique passages into a woodland beyond through grassy walkways, while the central point is stepped for a more direct route.

focal points

large scale modern landscaping garden features

Stone fire pit and Spindle tree in autumn.

The larger the garden, the more pronounced its focal points ought to be, clearly defining and anchoring various zones to draw the viewer's eye towards hidden passages, unveiling the subsequent progression. Here, a native Spindle tree forms a striking centrepiece viewed from the house, while completing a trio of architectural elements alongside a sinuous sun deck and circular stone fire pit, above a woodland.

deck design

large garden modern organic design

Curved deck with bespoke fascia.

Decking expresses a natural ambience with great versatility in organic contours, leading sight lines and tricky level changes. When detailed in hardwood from renewable sources, decks form long-lasting, warm and recyclable elements which complete the palette of essential, natural materials in countless large garden designs.

native planting

designing large scale modern garden with native planting

Native habitats for sun and shade with ferns, trees and grasses.

Creating native plant habitats is easier to achieve than it commonly seems, often underrated or overlooked, yet is environmentally pivotal in restoring ecological balance and conserving natural beauty in sites of varying scales. With the UK's 5 predominant wild habitats yielding numerous grasses, rushes, bulbous plants, deciduous trees, coastal and woodland floras, we're able to design imaginative, naturalistic and authentic tapestries which are not only wildlife friendly and long-lived, but are also far easier to maintain and manage.

architectural trees

architectural design for large gardens

Indigenous Hazel, Spindle and Ash trees.

If you tallied all of the UK's native tree species, including a handful of large shrubs, and a few endemic and naturalised ones, you'd reach a figure of 100, at a push. With thousands of trees originating in Asia grown here, this dendriform scarcity may seem bewildering, when in search for some architectural, branchy, leafy inspiration of indigenous origins. Yet, amid a plethora of unique, fresh cultivars proliferating evermore with coloured, twisted and flaking bark, alongside unusual flowers, catkins, leaves, berries and multi-stemmed forms, there's a whole new world of arboreal delights to be enticed by to complete native planting schemes with added zest. From Dogwoods to Willows, Beech to Birch, and every Hazel, Holly and Hornbeam in their midst, there's much to gain from forging a balance between indigenous and exotic floras to enhance originality and sustain natural ecosystems.

foliage elements

large garden planting inspiration ideas

Swedish birch tree foliage.

Leafiness energises every garden we design; none more so than in large gardens, where foliage provides priceless sound and movement and marks the change of seasons. The ecological significance of leaf cycles sustains thriving landscape gardens with essential nutrients, winter mulching and reliable habitats for native wildlife.

wildlife habitats

modern environmental landscape design

Wild native planting for nectar and berries.

UK wildlife numbers are falling faster than anywhere else, with a tenth of species at great risk. From habitat loss to pollution, invasive species, climate change, industry expansion and over-consumption, the direct causes to this astonishing condition are soaring. Even the tiniest micro-organisms are vital to balanced natural systems, upon which greater species derive their sustenance. Large gardens are ideal environments for sustaining wildlife, where diversity and management of native habitats, and the designation of undisturbed areas, provide indispensable refuge to rejuvenate both flora and fauna.

detail design

large landscape design and build wall detail

Native Maidenhair spleenwort fern in stone wall crevice.

Across many large gardens, nuanced detail tends to dissolve into the background, where we primarily design for scale, volume, outline and a connection with the surrounding environment using broad strokes. The familiarity and intimacy of well-crafted design details find their niches in seating, viewing and transitional areas, subtly enriched with refined, comforting articulations of up-close intricacy and tactility.

family play areas

large family garden design ideas

Large sunken circular trampoline.

A finely tuned large garden design accommodates generously for all family members; its central ideas focused on the interchangeability of spaces, amenities and experiences, alongside long-term growth and stability, wellness and togetherness. We're invariably attuned to the natural progression of outdoor family life, seeking harmony all round, when utilising the garden to the utmost forms a multifunctional yet multigenerational, fun and inherently safe adventure.

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Landscape Design Aspirations

Creating inspiring large gardens which are evocative of their settings combines the thoughtful ideas and aspirations of both their designers and owners. We strive to integrate fresh yet practical design concepts into ecological frameworks which continually evolve and sustain our clientele within diverse environments across varied scales. Simplicity of outlines, effortlessness in planting palettes and a fluid, tactile continuum of natural materials underline the majestic qualities of clear design ideas – those distinctively conceived to express the enduring virtues of large-scale landscape garden ideologies.