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Amir Schlezinger designs innovative projects at the vanguard of contemporary garden design in London, where his passion for incisive detailing, client reciprocation and natural materials define 18 years of garden making. London's roof terrace landscape and cultural diversity underline Amir's design & build expertise, delineated with a personal approach, progressive project management skills and a small hands-on team. This close-knit crew, based in North London, implements the company's commitment to perfecting liveable outdoor spaces for our diverse clients. Mylandscapes Garden Design creates private gardens, rooftop terraces and landscape gardens in London, throughout the UK and further afield, which increasingly endorse ecological forethought, native plants and garden design biodiversity.

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1 patio

patio design

“There are no ordinary patios... when tastefully refined.”

A small London patio presents a promising canvas for compelling garden design narratives, alongside a remarkable array of detailed nuances. Super elongated, multi-levelled, pocket-sized, or awkwardly triangular, these varied and functional patio gardens elevate indoor-outdoor sequences engagingly, where shrewdly expanding their utter compactness with space-saving patio design ideas certainly forms a continuous mission – a rewarding endeavour for a garden designer.

2 detail

“In-house design & build... always seems the superior, homogeneous approach.”

Custom-made planters, bespoke design elements and well-thought-out hard landscaping delineate scrupulously detailed garden designs, rich with spatial depth. This design methodology isn't necessarily an exclusive trademark of high-end designer gardens, but the hallmark of a garden designer's lifelong craft and the capable team who builds it. Clarity above surface derives quietude from design virtuosity and its values, revealing a garden designer's corpus of well-made details.

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3 design

“Where linearly sculpted spaces and their materials' sparseness portray pared-down simplicity, softened by lush, varied foliage.”

Juxtaposition of natural elements alongside architectural layouts defines essential garden design building blocks, forming distinctive focal points. Multidimensional, harmonious outdoor spaces articulate well-balanced focal accentuation, deeply rooted in classical design rudiments, explored contextually in contemporary garden settings with broadly encompassing proportionality, flair and substance.

4 garden

“When insightful client reciprocation yields optimal design solutions intuitively, while brainstorming project objectives.”

A client-focused approach sustains a one-of-a-kind garden design project, melding an exploratory process evocative of its site's intrinsic qualities with outline congruousness and materials' versatility. While the finesse of a completed scheme is tailored to convey an effortless design, its underlying minutiae and on-site tweaks behind the scenes crystallise a thoughtful process in well-designed landscape gardens.

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5 rooftop

“The prodigiousness of disproportionate riverside developments... balanced by nature's imperfections across London's roof terraces.”

When roof terrace ingredients are skilfully superimposed in each microclimatic rooftop environment, augmented by artistic design in London's myriads of riverbanks, skylines and skyscraping landscapes, their garden design ethos sustains well-suited platforms to engage in high-reaching home lives across diverse, immersive rooftop gardens. From Islington to Chiswick, Highgate to Wandsworth and every Thames wharf in between, London's aerial rooftop tapestries are interwoven with prolific green terrace frameworks – invigorating the capital's intrinsically sombre concrete and glass civic make-up.

6 country

“This interchangeability in family life maintains a mindset steeped in wildlife friendliness, architectural eclecticism and garden design openness.”

London clients habitually alternate home lifestyles between town and country, and the wide-open rural countryside gardens which exemplify weekend homes contrast their urban counterparts with expansiveness and abundantly verdant landscape frameworks. This unique interplay sustains a dynamic equilibrium between seemingly disparate ways of outdoor living, manifested not merely in sheer acreage, but rather in our clients' love of natural landscapes and aesthetic worldliness.

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7 lighting

“We intersperse light fittings inconspicuously, forming a synthesis of shadows and light during night-time.”

High-quality light fittings, integrated seamlessly into sculptural garden design layouts and focal points modify ordinary underused outdoor spaces by producing thriving, exuberant landscapes after nightfall. The knack of effective garden illumination and roof terrace lighting techniques forms one of the most pivotal tools for a garden designer in transforming the ambience of nocturnal, architectural garden voids into highly utilisable, multi-sensory lightscapes.

8 planting

“Imaginative planting design invariably mitigates sheer minimalism, and offsets structural rigidity evocatively.”

Whether pristinely designed with manicured hedges, wildly cultivated in embracive ecological environments, or modernistically infused with maintenance-free schemes, a garden designer's soft landscape evokes tranquillity, improves liveability and sustains vital breathability in our built-up urbanised milieus. Curative foliage and organic sinuousness empower diverse garden designs and roof terrace planting alike, amid unremitting pollution, perpetual shade and highly clinical architecture to promote nurturing and well-used London gardens, however small.

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9 courtyard

courtyard gardens

“Compositionally well-fitted courtyard gardens highlight congruity and intimacy – achieving memorable environments.”

Choreographing the rebirth of run-of-the-mill courtyard gardens from unrealised confines into enticing intimate hideaways entails a robust, multicultural design philosophy suffused with offbeat centrepieces, enveloped by low-key undertones. The benchmarks of this courtyard garden design legacy are distilled within innovative outdoor artistry, encapsulating a wide-ranging spectrum of tropical, Japanese, Eastern, Asian and Mediterranean influences, where shaping novel courtyard garden ideas, alongside aquatic, architectural and personal elements mutes London's hurly-burly with the solace of a private sanctuary.

10 landscape

“Sustainability, alongside low maintenance, expresses an overriding, collective zeitgeist of 21st-century landscape design.”

Conveying landscape design poise, while mindfully adhering to fine ecological principles, requires multi-skilled expertise across a mind-boggling gamut of landscape disciplines, embracing not only a sites' genius loci, but also, contemporarily, conserving diminishing wildlife, restoring natural balance and empowering renewable resources. With humans increasing annually by an aggregate equivalent to Germany's population, the methods we utilise to sustain living landscapes and communities alike have shifted into a far more eco-friendly path. While our planet degenerates amid energy deprived plateaus, the landscape designs we produce strive to alleviate the undeniable impact of climate change, and establish a greener consonance.

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Designer London Gardens

The nitty-gritty of contemporary designer gardens unveils highly manageable zones which maximise every inch of available space, and in our garden design portfolio, this minimalism is expressed fervently with free-flowing sinuosity and lush foliar textures, juxtaposed along bold outlines. Mastering spatial clarity, while developing fresh design methodologies to enhance paramount leafiness, privacy and seating, is inherently simplified by a prevailing low upkeep inclination which sustains a fast-paced city lifestyle – tirelessly reimagined by many a London garden designer – captured by the talented photographers who recognise the intricacies of modern garden design practice.