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Low Maintenance Lowdown

The unessential, unnecessary and downright undesirable maintenance tasks of London roof garden owners embody attitudinal derivations of urban culturalism – more than in any other garden design discipline. Constitutionally bundled in modular, off-plan, turnkey lifestyles, these metropolitan roof terraces impel low maintenance designs which are viably cultivable and validly integral, firmly rooted in the demands of a time-sensitive cosmopolitan pulse. Since many rooftop apartments function purely as second city homes, rentals or offshore investments, largely owned by work-committed, self-confessed non-horticulturists, our modern roof terrace landscape designs home in on dependability, durability, and, every so often, decadence, via not-so-over-the-rooftop upkeep parameters – in a brand-new urban ecosphere of serviceable, user-oriented and rather compelling low maintenance roof terraces.

roof terrace planting

low maintenance roof terrace planting designvery low maintenance minimalist roof terracelow maintenance small london city roof terracelow maintenance natural roof terrace

Low maintenance, minimalist, thematic, easy-care planting.

Which design principle empowers low maintenance roof terraces the most? Gauging our clients' gardening threshold at the outset of every project promotes compatible frameworks, where both plantability and liveability interlock rather swimmingly. For the botanically challenged, florally estranged or vegetally inept, low maintenance rooftop terrace designs enact hassle-free protagonists in a fast-moving Londonesque storyline. While many roof garden owners decamp city life regularly, returning to country homes or travelling overseas, these self-reliant planting schemes fulfil autonomous clockworks of easy-to-grow and easy on the eye vegetations, which readily withstand vastly polluted, savagely windswept and scorchingly hot rooftop environments.

roof garden planters

low maintenance roof terrace modern hard landscapinglow upkeep modern penthouse roof terrace londonlow maintenance roof terrace landscape designcontemporary low maintenance london roof terrace

Low maintenance, powder-coated, bespoke rooftop planters.

Contemporarily designed, thoughtfully positioned and automatically irrigated, our bespoke planters manifest modern roof terraces' most rewarding low maintenance assets. Whether in the blankness of new rooftops, bleakness of London weather or banality of unremarkable surroundings, these unique vessels accomplish standout focal points, expressed by versatility which isn't only eminently maintainable, but also builds rousing rooftop environments. Likewise, when juxtaposed amongst the urban buoyancy, exuberance and optimism of distinctive architectural landmarks, the planters forge a discernible coalescence of skylined silhouettes, conjuring up plant life cultivability out of thin cosmopolitan air, backed by some high-gauge, powder-coated steel...

rooftop seating

low maintenance large roof gardeneasy upkeep large roof garden with artificial grasslow maintenance roof terrace project e16private low maintenance roof terrace north london

Integrated, low upkeep roof terrace seating areas.

Viewability, shelter and convenience form the backbones of dynamic roof terrace seating zones – defining a rather ambitious ambit, where views oughtn't be obscured, comfort compromised or instantaneous indulgence impeded – not even in inclement London weather... These outdoor lifestyle nuclei impart architectural self-reliance, sculpted by rooftop choreographies of simplified maintenance, and heightened by design clarity, spatial scalability and enticingly detailed adjustability. This self-contained roof terrace specialism orchestrates eloquent self-expression along fast-living fierceness to spawn the ultimate designer rooftop handiwork – exuding plenty metropolitan flair, yet espousing pertinent eco-friendliness amid ubiquitous skyscraper artificialities.

rooftop lighting

modern london roof terrace with low maintenance design and lightinglow upkeep modern roof terrace with outdoor kitchencontemporary easy upkeep roof terrace gardenlow maintenance city roof terrace london

Easy-to-use, low-voltage, low-level and very low-maintenance roof terrace outdoor lighting systems.

No other forte of low maintenance roof terrace design accomplishes more streamlined upkeep than outdoor lighting – a speciality field of unadulterated nightly visions – projecting architectural completeness, richness and boldness. From wholly integrable to greatly dependable, this cleanest, unfussiest and most achievable of all modular rooftop systems curtails avoidable maintenance to a city slicking T through a favourably environmental low tension on top. Super-fast installations, user-friendly operability and long-lasting resilience faithfully indulge our insatiable quest for upkeep optimality; a rather broad gamut with a radiant stellar cast, exuberantly merging with London's nightscapes, as the nifty, luminous threesome performs its brightest, finest script.

roof terrace living

low maintenance entertainment roof terracelow maintenance roof terrace seating arealow maintenance chic roof terracelow maintenance user friendly roof terrace se1

Somewhere over the rooftop, way up high, and the lifestyle that you dream of once in a London blue sky...

Although vanishing from the world's top 10 most expensive cities' echelon due to Brexit uncertainties, London continues to exchange city apartments faster than same-day Ocado delivery rounds... This superluminal convertibility impels foolproof roof terrace designs, as many penthouse owners often forsake overt customisation in favour of one-size-fits-all formats and their low maintenance appeal. While this approach benefits countless commercial offices, sleek show flats and indifferent leasers, cookie-cutter design techniques simply won't cut the mustard in any self-respecting, steamy rooftop bake-off...


Commonsensical yet customisable, beneficial but bespoke, a truly low maintenance roof terrace design epitomises modern-day homogeneity, counterbalancing piecemeal pervasiveness by stimulating architecture, cultural diversity and environmentalism in sustainable modi vivendi. By popular demand, by nature and by positive adaptability, this urban portraiture illustrates a London lifestyle at a crossroads of city living, mind-bogglingly rewritten in skyscraping code by single-minded, fast-tracking speculators. Counteractively, the design process of preserving clients' individualities with personalised blueprints, while furthering ecological forethought, consolidates highly low maintenance rooftops with just that little bit more environmental kindness to boot!

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Self-maintaining Future

As we continue seeking low maintenance optimisation, the path to upkeep ideality inescapably reaches a paradoxical impasse – that of ecological sterility, visual oversimplification and design mediocrity. Underpinning this lack of variance is a certain unavoidability, when tunnel vision lifestyles, made painstakingly manageable by necessity rather than by choice, prove holistically counterproductive, diluting organic well-being, architectural integrity and environmental vigour. Then again, usability, functionality and effectiveness indeed remain the cardinal methodologies which pivot outdoor rooftop usefulness, imaginatively reinvented in every well-designed London roof garden. For the horticulturally perplexed and hurriedly inclined, these low maintenance roof terrace designs embrace altitude with attitude, through sky-low upkeep and its 'less is more' cleanness, amid the sky-scrapered panoramas of a self-maintaining urban future...