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As the twenty-tens draws to a close, leaving behind two decades of fervent practicalism fused by millennian possibilities, so does our environment drains away onto non-biodegradable strata of stricken seabeds. Analogously, the perdurable ideologies of modern outdoor living promote promises of citified lifestyles, repackaged in off-plan saleability and tangible taglines amid full-scale global urbanisation. Bespoke buzzwords to outdoor space building blocks, we strive for aesthetic yet holistic modi operandi in brand-new genii loci, where modern garden design projects in London distil the pragmatistic, specialistic and ecologically altruistic desiderata of sustainable outdoor living – reprised in our brisk architectural super segue.

bespoke gardens

modern bespoke outdoor landscaping projectcontemporary london garden outdoor living stylebespoke modern courtyard outdoor living projectminimalist garden outdoor living design

Focal points, seating, surfaces, planting and lighting in bespoke contemporary London garden designs for modern outdoor living.

In a world where clones, drones and mobile phones cruise between universal time zones, with everyone a virtual cicerone transmitting an unrelenting online monotone, bespoke gardens perform their cardinal duties as architectural fortifiers of modern outdoor living – practising creative survival amid destructive disposability. This innate bolstering of individualistic garden design ideas in a seemingly pluralistic reality preserves artistic impulses and puristic rationales, although fleetingly cribbed, converted and pushing up daisies underneath a ginormous intellectual property landfill before you know it...


Horticulturally heuristic, pragmatically realistic and environmentally humanistic, bespoke garden designs for contemporary outdoor living bypass the prosaic pipelines of a ritualistic rat race, where the only duplications are client-referential and site-evocative, interwoven in distinctively inimitable and thoroughly optimistic obviations – the hallmarks of the noblest of all arts – synergising melioristic and mutualistic qualities as the sunny sides of human endeavour.

eco-friendly gardens

modern country landscape designmodern natural large back garden londonnatural planting design landscaping londoneco friendly outdoor living

Eco-friendly landscape designs: organic forms, natural materials, biodiverse ecologies, native plants and wildlife habitats.

At times sardonically moralistic, on certain occasions uncomfortably aphoristic, though sadly principally truistic, scientific ecological data exfoliates enviro-antagonism layer by eristic layer in a true-green bid for statistical accuracy. Simple yet by no means simplistic, ecological practices increasingly permeate private garden designs, promoting the contribution, relevance and importance of micro-environmentalism in small-scale habitation, where the triad of nature, ornamentation and conservation is readdressed ethically, practically and sustainably to realign over-consumption and recompense damaged ecosystems vital to our long-term existence. These bionomical, cultural and regional design permutations drive the crucial evolvement of familiar faunae, fragrant florae, unique familial aspirations and all-round well-being!

small courtyard gardens

contemporary elegant small courtyard london gardenstylish garden design for modern outdoor livinglondon urban garden outdoor lighting projectmodern small patio garden project london outdoor lifestyle

Small London courtyard gardens: indoor-outdoor continuity, high-contrast textures, architectural foliage, water feature elements, three-dimensional frameworks, structural definition and bespoke planters.

“Walls and stones may save my zones but smallness will never faze me” – so concludes the intimate, naive yet pacifistic disclosure of a 21st-century town courtyard enclosure – shrinkingly bullied by bulging basements and bloated extensions the length and breadth of London. As our metropolitan gardens get truncated into courtyards, courtyards downgraded into patios and patios vanish altogether into mere green walls, so do growingly expand the design techniques which maintain modern outdoor living equilibria, even if sometimes proving painfully rationalistic and quite often artistically surrealistic. Individualistically resolved and concisely composed, the small town courtyard gardens we zealously dynamise bridge the ostensible impossibility of spatial artfulness and artistic advantage – an autodidactic dyad of continual interchangeability – fraternising with the forbidden fruitage of rather heavenly, though orderly, contemporary courtyard coups de maitre.

country gardens

large landscape design london projectlake garden design landscapelandscape garden projectmodern large country family garden outdoor living

Borrowed landscapes, large-scale features, viewing vantage points and tree planting en masse in contemporary country garden designs.

From an uphill urban treadmill to tranquil rural downhill, minus the occasional motorway standstill, countless London clients strategise escape routes to immerse in holiday lodgings – the sober sobriquet of an incognito etiquette. Nauristic by scene and naturalistic through design, the contemporary country landscape gardens which envelop this dualistic deconstruction of modern outdoor living naturally take primacy, where weekend countrysiders and bucolic full-timers fulfil freedom of scale and specificity of sceneries. With graduated views, indigenous species and natural material palettes, these landscape design projects utilise similar methodologies to those employed to compound town gardens, albeit in ampler amenities, vaster upkeep routines and greater garden biodiversity, when open-air luxuriant landscapes epitomise the transportability of ideas, and lifestyles...

low maintenance gardens

bespoke architectural garden projectcontemporary town garden modern outdoor livingfamily town garden seating planting outdoor livingmodern london patio garden project outdoor living lifestyle

Sparsity of elements, easy-to-grow plant selections and easy-care surfaces in contemporary low maintenance London town gardens.

Time-enriching yet earth-spoiling, money-saving though environment-wasting, while space-efficient but diversity-deficient, numerous low-maintenance garden frameworks thoughtlessly resort to contaminative stratagems, when multitudes of unrecyclable microplastics seep into every layer above and below sea level. All scales of land management progressively rely on effective maintenance amid restrictive resources, global warming and water shortages – pressing factors which are pre-planned into myriads of landscape schemes in suitable planting and apt materials via integrative usage – pertinently pervading the private sector, albeit lamentably fostered in self-absorbed impermeability.


While streamlined structurality understandably takes precedence, the low maintenance mantra rears its unecological head in overwhelming, ill-informed solipsism as the definitive downside of modern outdoor living; its followership shepherded by an oligopolistic global market – resulting in behavioural adoption rather than environmental espousal. With all these cost curtailments and alleged time reclamations, both their outcome and outlay prove the costliest, when the consequences of uncontrollable artificialisation fuel an unsustainable futurescape.

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Outdoor Possibilities

Climatically converged by no less than three hemispheres, London's weather patterns aren't particularly conducive to outdoor living per se. Still, as Kew Gardens experiences the highest ever recorded winter temperature of 21.2 degrees Celsius on 26 February 2019, there's hope for more year-round sun-soaked dwelling – bar further indications of a calamitous climate change. Largely shaded, overlooked and steadily contracted, inhabited by time-poor denizens, the make-ups of many contemporary London gardens entail copious sleight of architectural hand, where greater senses of space, depth and place, alongside a healthier indoor-outdoor interconnection and a minimalist upkeep strategy to boot, favourably maximise life outdoors – even though effectively enjoyed mostly indoors...


Gardening-shy, nature-apprehensive and wildlife worse off, the next generation seems to venture through the bifold garden door mainly to obtain a better network signal, once grown out of paddling pools and sandpits. Modern outdoor living isn't merely a lifestyle choice, a lofty privilege or a commodified extension of static interiors, but rather an essentiality of a natural, universal, cohesive continuum of well-being – a one which ought to be cherished, cultivated and communicated vigorously from schoolyards to grassroots and future tree shoots.