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Modern Outdoor Space

Restored, adored and fluidly interconnected, the private outdoor spaces we design throughout London embody the city's compacting configuration, where space-saving layouts in space-limited outlines sustain space-savvy lifestyles across a staggering diversity of garden and roof terrace genres. How do we avoid blatant replication while maintaining replicable inspiration, amid streamlined developments, unremarkable backdrops and nondescript ambiences?


While spatial, budgetary and natural resources ebb dispiritedly worldwide, intensified by doctrinal divisiveness, we seek balanced divisibility in modern outdoor space designs to increase visibility, utility and usability. Mutually, inspired ideation, cohesive narration and measured ornamentation entice the frequent utilisation of urban outdoor space, endorsed by the triad of clients, settings and funding. Uniqueness, diverseness and individualistic style colonise the leftover outdoor territories of truncated tenancies, where we integrate sound ecological practice in materials, plants and upkeep – waving adieu to a restless decade, and meeting twenty-twenties with gardenly gusto!

outdoor seating

modern town garden design london seating loungecontemporary outdoor space seating londoncomfy social outdoor space town gardenlush jungly modern outdoor space garden london

Bespoke seating areas in contemporary London town gardens.

Steadily increasing at 5 percent per annum, garden furniture sales are set to establish a one-billion-pound UK market by 2020 – a firm attestation of both technological and climatic changes. Cocooned in contemporary indoor congeniality, gazing onto outside feasibility, we all seek modern outdoor space liveability, where seating, cooking and garden dining, with their ancillary amenities and compact novelties, attain alfresco abundancy for countless space-deprived Londoners.


Glorying leisurely, amid dual-purpose decor and out-of-doors folklore, our ergonomic core outside the back door helps explore a transformative outdoor – a true embodiment of verdant headspace formulated by the cross-disciplinary artistry of comfort design, plant life and social insight. Well-havened, vivified and unwound, catered for by built-in seating nexuses, free-standing appliances and space-smart gadgetry, the perks of the modern outdoor space in its urban trajectory forge architectural encounters of the weatherproof kind...

modern planting

modern garden contemporary colourful planting londonbold architectural modern planting designmixed planting garden designbig planting ideas for small outdoor space gardens

Contemporary London garden design projects planting schemes.

Intuitively included or deliberately disowned, plant life evokes varying outdoor outlooks in London's polarity of exterior habitation. From bite-sized balconies brimming with trailing plants to landscape gardens with sparse gigantic lawns, we're all reliant on maintenance availability in idiosyncratic modi operandi. To us, plants exclusively incarnate the eminence of outdoor space in its greatest capabilities: ecologically pertinent, limitlessly protean and definitively peaceful – the verdant building blocks of a pluralistic, interdisciplinary and purposeful garden design profession within modern biodiversity.


The more we, self-confessed brown thumb cosmopolites, consciously distance ourselves from natural greeneries by annexing outdoor space and administering interior-led eye candy processions, the fewer long-term well-being prospects we derive and impart. Flora integrability is boundless, simple and timeless; blended judiciously, its vast qualities rejuvenate, decontaminate and reconnect outdoor spaces in diverse London locations. Fluid planting design balances today's propensity for over-refinement, over-consumption and over-ornamentation via eco-harmonious triptychs of site-specific, wildlife-friendly, intimate outdoor canvases – leading the sustainability factors of our future.

outdoor planters

big planters for modern outdoor spacebespoke planters modern outdoor spacecontemporary custom outdoor plantersunique outdoor garden troughs

Custom-made garden planters: year-round architectural all-rounders.

In London's ever-contracting outdoor space and increasing time constraints, lifestyles abound in low maintenance outlooks, where advantageous microclimates enable easy-care cultivation of diverse florae in pragmatic containers. Modern potted horticulture readily acclimatises to the multiformity of contemporary outdoor spaces in London, readapting its functionalities across otherwise unplantable paved patios, highly confined courtyards and strictly decked rooftops via multifunctional variations of bespoke planters. These customised vessels, architecturally left-field though workably hands-on, establish dynamic subspaces in spatially efficient choreographies, catering for pacy city living and its visual duplexity in personal showplaces.

outdoor lighting

large modern garden outdoor lighting design londonmodern outdoor space design small garden londonlondon courtyard garden design with lightingmodern architectural outdoor space london garden

Let there be outdoor light: amplifying, functional, aesthetical.

While seating requires ample room, plants need ongoing TLC and planters entail bespoke pricing, garden lighting demands nothing but an IP-rated socket and some dusk-sky thinking. Camouflaged cables, low-key luminaries and zoned circuits form the feel-good factors of well-crafted outdoor lighting, when spaciousness takes a whole new meaning at sundown – even in the clutches of spatial smallness, lack of views or scarcity of architectural focal points. Suffusive, immersive, backdropping, silhouetting, texture-enhancing and likewise utilitarian when called upon, though unforgivingly flaw-disclosing on occasion, low-voltage illumination enthusiastically replaces daytime staidness with nocturnal lightness in an electrifying embrace of space through rather minimal interface. Once smitten twice fly, hooked and nightly beautified, we all revel in low-tension afterglow and its ninety-five percent current reduction as a cost-effective extravagance – the understated coup de maitre of modern outdoor space design.

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Outdoor Space Grace

We synthesise, synergise and sublimate every potential aspect of private outdoor space in London to transform unspectacular places into memorable, personal and highly accessible external expanses. This cross-functional approach, bonded by inspirational replicability, materialises radiantly now and then in a contemporary garden design practice which humbly hobnobs in the tempestuous indoor-outdoor dialogue of postmodern urbanism, however transiently. Commodiously enhancive and economically valuable, this telling landscape design process coextensively chronicles a tapering architectural corridor – symptomatically unecological and growingly unsustainable.


Fuelled by accelerative artificialisation spawned by mainstream low maintenance compulsion, our submission to unnatural modern living lands its long-term impact onto the landscape across every scale. As propulsion of micro-environmentalism in residential outdoor spaces gradually inhabits needful niches in between adverse impermeability and manicured fakery, we strive to preserve visual authenticity, revive vital wildlife and mitigate dim Western European daylight with punchy garden blueprints – a promising parallelity of sustainable sub-base, integrative home place and the grace of 21st-century outdoor space...