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North London Showcase

North London has been our base since inception, where we live, work and develop many courtyard, roof terrace and garden design projects for private clients. Residentially diverse, North London gardens enjoy one of UK's lushest, greenest backdrops, within a dynamic topography constituting some of the country's largest suburban gardens. Family-oriented, contemporary and panoramically expansive, while steeped in historic nuances, this gardenly ebullient part of London and its long-standing affiliation with horticulture, architecture and public parks impels the continual creation of countless inspiring garden design projects – thoroughly integral to our landscape design portfolio.


large natural garden landscape design north london

Large natural garden

Location: N20. Size: 0.5-acre. Design: Centred on native plants, wildlife habitats and broad biodiversity, this large family garden consolidates diverse modern outdoor facilities and existing indigenous woodland trees with natural materials to promote maximal use for our clients, their sprightly household and residentiary faunal creatures.


contemporary courtyard town garden north london

Lush town garden

Location: NW6. Size: 100sqm. Design: Focused towards privacy, this lush courtyard garden completes a modernly renovated expansive townhouse with lush evergreen plants, where architectural canopies luxuriantly cloak high walls and Cedar panels, merging boundaries with their backdrop to express spatial fluidity and vital seclusion.

regent's park

modern outdoor garden north london

Contemporary town garden

Location: NW8. Size: 80sqm. Design: Perfectly catering for every family member, this modern town garden accommodates the youngsters with a hidden playground, a chill-out lounge for the teenagers and plenty of foliage lushness for their parents, viewed connectively from each indoor vantage point, and amplified by the architectural focal points of bespoke aperture benches, a stone waterfall and sculptural trees.

primrose hill

contemporary small patio garden north london

Modern patio garden

Location: NW3. Size: 35sqm. Design: Small yet eloquently architectural, the patioed garden which completes this homely residence expresses spatial three-dimensionality with angular, multilayered elements and foliage contrast, accentuated by the smooth surface of natural stone, while superimposed by a trio of distinct seating areas culminating in a spacious cantilevered bench, radiant lighting and detailed clarity.

hampstead courtyard

contemporary private courtyard garden design north london

Subtropical courtyard garden

Location: NW3. Size: 40sqm. Design: Residing in a home blessed with a warm and sheltered southwest-facing courtyard garden, our tropically inclined, gregarious clients savour every bit of postmeridian sunshine filtering through luscious Palm fronds, Bamboo and Jasmine, where a reflecting pool serenely evokes memories of beloved Island of Bali, with a waterfall, natural wood and canopied cosiness aplenty.


residential garden design north london

Modern architectural garden

Location: N5. Size: 40sqm. Design: Garden architecture, contemporary art and fervent outdoor socialising take centre stage in this Italian modern home, where sinuous focality, expressively interlinked to an exuberant interior and its energetic owners, embraces juxtapositions of linearity and curvature with unique surface contrasts, custom-built seating, LED lighting, Cedar panels and silhouetted sculptural plants.

islington garden

modern mediterranean garden design north london

Modern Mediterranean garden

Location: N1. Size: 50sqm. Design: Hailing from Southern France and owning a sweltering south-facing courtyard garden, our client sought an avant-garde yet intimate space to ameliorate a statically squared outdoor pocket with striking geometry and a vivid colour scheme – a design transformation conveying intrinsic Mediterranean elements, boldness of architectural forms and coalescence of urban cultures.

islington patio

chic garden design north london

Small patio garden

Location: N1. Size: 35sqm. Design: Seeking style and substance in equal measure, our clients aspired to dynamise a bleak and distinctly overlooked urban patio with verdant seclusion, subtlety of detail and smoothness of materials – an invigorative outdoor overhaul enabling all-year-round alfresco activities in the comfort of a silky outline.


city garden design north london

City patio garden

Location: N1. Size: 24sqm. Design: Producing a mere 250 square feet of liveable outdoor space entailed a rather immense undertaking in the subterranean excavation which facilitated this restored patio garden. Broadening spatial depth, the 1-square-metre lilac flagstones, along an exotically tinted framework, heighten contrast and spaciousness, subtly layered with minimalist planting and wrap-around seating.

king's cross

penthouse garden design north london

Penthouse roof garden

Location: N1. Size: 45sqm. Design: Penthoused elegance permeates this minimalist canal-side apartment, where the jaunty owners relish two roof terraces in useful north and south aspects. While the southern rooftop inspires recollections of our clients' Barcelona home through Olive trees, scented Carnations and aromatic herbs, the larger living room roof garden reiterates the waterside's streamlined shapes and the interior's whiteness – framing a dramatic London skyline.


roof garden design north london

Woodland roof garden

Location: N6. Size: 40sqm. Design: Exclusively secluded and greenly opulent, this unique low-rise roof garden terrace provides an eye-level panorama into a blissful wooded grove – a genius loci firmly echoed in a design replete with natural materials, broadleaf floras and cosy outdoor cooking, dining and lounging amenities.

hampstead rooftop

roof terrace design north london

Modern roof garden

Location: NW3. Size: 30sqm. Design: Curvature, colour and bold foliage compositions interlock freshly to forge architectural consistency with our clients' cutting-edge interior, in a thoroughly one-off roof terrace with extraordinary 360-degree bird's-eye views over North London.

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Made in North London

From Whetstone to Camden Town and Islington, Enfield to Southgate, Hampstead, Highgate, St John's Wood and Primrose Hill, the countless North London garden design projects we spiritedly undertake sustain a significant corpus of our professional practice, where the handiness of close proximity enables comprehensive on-site dedication and an intimate indulgence of detail development. Cognately interlinked, and associatively shaped, this northbound journey represents not only a vibrant plexus of clients, design reciprocality and a cogent sense of place, but also a rather compelling allegiance to our own locality and garden design origination – invariably made in cheery North London.