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Contemporary Planting

Whether cleanly architectural, wildly rural, or simply miniaturised, the richly planted projects we design and install convey enduring planting ideas with infinite combinations and juxtapositions.

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1. design 2. upkeep 3. context 4. ecology 5. diversity 6. durability 7. organicity 8. cultivation 9. seasonality 10. conservation

desert plantstree plantinglandscape planting

1 design

architectural rooftops

Core elements: suitable growing medium. Soft landscaping: Agapanthus, Astelia, Birch, Eucalyptus, Ferns, Grasses, Olive, Magnolia, Pine. Central ideas: architectural outlines, sculptural foliage. Design essentials: ground cover, bark patterns, contrasting scale.

native treesoft landscapingherb planting

2 upkeep

low maintenance

Core elements: ample ground cover, moisture conservation, unfussy resilient floras, well-sited plants. Soft landscaping: Acorus, Carex, Cotoneaster, Ginkgo, Libertia, Pittosporum, Pseudopanax. Central ideas: simplified layouts, self-supporting attributes, robust hybrid cultivars, long-lived species. Design essentials: well-irrigated infrastructure, site-oriented selections.

soft landscapelow maintenance plantsgarden design plants

3 context

design process

Core elements: microclimate appropriate. Soft landscaping: utilising drought-tolerant, pollution-tolerant, shade-loving, sun-tolerant, wind-resistant and winter-hardy plant varieties. Central ideas: focal points, borrowed landscape, framed vistas, light reflection, well-balanced scale. Design essentials: contrast, form, rhythm, scent and texture.

natural gardenautumn gardennatural planting

4 ecology

eco-friendly gardens

Core elements: habitat creation, native species integration. Soft landscaping: Alder, Dogwood, Elder, Field maple, Spindle, Hawthorn, Hazel, Holly, Rowan, Willow. Central ideas: balance between ecological necessity and an architectural framework. Design essentials: nectar-rich floras, berried plants, extended flowering seasons, meadows, natural water sources, hedging structures and nesting resources.

hot plantingsummer plantingtrough planting

5 diversity

Core elements: foliage, inflorescence, stem, bark and trunk variation. Soft landscaping: varied planting mediums for optimal display, water management for oxygenating plants, elevated planting beds. Central ideas: level changes and topographic maximisation. Design essentials: plant outline multilayering, shifting compositional clusters.

landscaping plantsmodern grassesbamboo garden

6 durability

sustainable gardens

Core elements: consistent maintenance, soil erosion management. Soft landscaping: adequate growing space, efficient spacing. Central ideas: establishing dynamic micro-ecosystems. Design essentials: companion planting associations.

tree fernall year plantingjungle planting

7 organicity

foliage fusion

Core elements: seasonal transition, biodiversity. Soft landscaping: natural forms, accent plants, naturalistic drifts. Central ideas: leafiness infused with multicoloured nuances. Design essentials: multi-sensory landscape expressions of well-integrated foliage.

wild plantingluxuriant plantsinnovative planting

8 cultivation

Core elements: workable, apt species. Soft landscaping: soil aeration, mulching, plant nutrition, weed control. Central ideas: well-balanced planting plans. Design essentials: pot grown and bare root plants.

cactus plantsfocal point plantingchic planting design

9 seasonality

focal points

Core elements: seasonal interest. Soft landscaping: Achillea, Allium, Angelica, Buddleja, Campanula, Digitalis, Echinacea, Hemerocallis, Iris, Lavatera, Ligularia, Papaver, Penstemon, Salvia, Thymus. Central ideas: well-expressed seasonal cycles. Design essentials: seasonal shift.

modern planted roof terracespecialist plantingcity roof terrace planting

10 conservation

subtropical gardens

Core elements: collection of rare and endangered plant species. Soft landscaping: protecting native flora and fauna. Central ideas: mitigate deforestation and habitat loss. Design essentials: integration of worldwide flora, with non-invasive species.

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Foliaged Landscape

We design planting schemes congruous with their surroundings, where the distillation of landscape, flora, clients and planting ideas traverse towards enchanting equilibrium.