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Rooftop Transformations

The rebirth of a roof terrace forms an exciting prospect, when both our clients' lifestyle aspirations and London's architectural skyline fuse seamlessly in a well-integrated, immersive outdoor environment. While countless city developments rarely cater for liveable rooftop settings, in lack of water supplies, inadequate surfaces, insufficient shelter and no practical planting provisions, we resourcefully strive to mitigate infrastructural and horticultural imperfections with congenial metropolitan living which generates thriving roof gardens. The logistic constraints, challenging microclimates and sheer urban practicalities of roof terrace transformations define continual design dilemmas, and the contemporary solutions we develop to fully sustain flourishing rooftop landscapes not only embrace an emergent ecology, but also maximise a captivating interlayer of verdant, engaging and wholly panoramic roof terrace makeovers, projects and schemes.

Hope you enjoy the journey.

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1 pimlico

small rooftop garden

Roof terrace: 11th floor penthouse, canalside development, private client, 4 rooftop gardens, 50sqm, London SW1. Design: buff sandstone and granite flooring, bespoke planters, architectural trees, windbreak evergreen hedges. Before: decking, concrete pavers, no water supply, one plant type. After: floating raised beds, LED lighting, outdoor taps and irrigation, layered scale, city landmark accentuation, scent, herbs and shelter, 17 plant species including grasses, Lavenders, Eucalyptus, Tibetan Cherry, Palm, Corkscrew willow and Japanese maple trees.

2 chelsea

large roof terrace

Roof terrace: 6th floor waterside development, private client, 2 roof terraces on two levels, 90sqm, London SW1. Design: sandstone and hardwood decking, made-to-measure troughs, wind-resistant trees, hedges, grasses and herbs. Before: railway sleepers, lawns, concrete pavers, zinc planters, one plant type. After: 17 individually customised and powder-coated planters, 3 built-in benches, LED strip lighting to highlight Chelsea Bridge, angular patterns to complement surrounding architecture, dozen plant species including Birch, Magnolia, Olive and Pine trees, culinary herbs, automatic irrigation, sound system.

3 wapping

terrace garden design

Roof terrace: 5th floor wharf apartment, 2 rooftop terraces on two levels, private client, 50sqm, London E1. Design: smooth sandstone and hardwood decking, herb garden, sculpture display, green wall, purple and turquoise colour scheme. Before: uneven decking, small cube planters, unsuitable vegetation, dilapidated woodwork and glass panels. After: upper rooftop comprising artificial grass, pouffes and telescopic ladder. One-off planters with integral LED lighting. Scent, edibility and texture catered by aromatic herbs, Lavenders and Star jasmine climbers. Overhauled ergonomics, seating and storage, complete balustrade renovation and full paint restoration.

4 farringdon

contemporary roof terrace

Roof terrace: 6th floor apartment, Art Deco building, private client, 30sqm, London EC1. Design: crystallised black granite and hardwood surfaces, tailor-made aperture planters, mixed herb garden. Before: small concrete pavers, exposed gullies, ghastly floodlights. After: well-lit architectural layout, congruous with its city backdrop. Contrastive scale via Himalayan silver birch trees and grassy textures, privacy screens, LED strip lights, automatic irrigation, sound and heating.

beforeroof terrace refurbishment
beforeroof terrace restoration
beforeroof terrace modernisation remake

5 shoreditch

modern penthouse terrace

Roof terrace: 5th floor penthouse apartment, converted warehouse, private client, 52sqm, London EC2. Design: Ipe hardwood deck, flamed grey granite, specially made planters, ethic sculpture, privacy screens. Before: ridged lateral decking, bulky furniture, small pots, haphazard cobbles. After: architectural fluidity and augmented scale into large open-plan interior, revamped surfaces, sculptural hedging and topiary, opulent lighting, contrasting colour scheme with burgundy, slate-grey and taupe. Minimalist, evergreen plant palette of 5 species.

6 hampstead

Roof terrace: 4th floor, end-of-terrace house, private clients, 30sqm, 360-degree panorama, London NW3. Design: natural stone, hardwood decking, hedging, Mediterranean trees, geometric planters and curved low vases. Before: outmoded deck, unsightly gullies, lack of shelter. After: colourful red wall render, Cogon grasses, blue Agapanthus and Sea pinks, multi-stemmed Strawberry tree focal point, Olive hedges, native Spindle and Scots pine trees, interior refurbishment to glass conservatory, tiling and sound system, low maintenance scheme.

7 clerkenwell

sustainable rooftop

Roof terrace: 5th floor penthouse flat, new city development, 3 roof terraces, private client, 65sqm, London EC1. Design: green-oriented, eco and wildlife friendly environment, organic kitchen garden, fruit orchard, herb and alpine meadow. Before: concrete pavers, pebble edges, weed-ridden pots. After: 70 plant species, including native trees, hedging and diverse perennials. Enhanced seasonality, scent, serviceability and wildlife habitats. Contemporary, architectural outline with stone, wood, synthetic grass, irrigation and lighting.

8 royal docks

Roof terrace: 16th floor duplex penthouse apartment, riverside development, private clients, 2 roof terraces, 86sqm, London E16. Design: site-conscious layout echoing the Barrier's silhouettes via curved tree planters, the building's angularity through intersecting materials, and nearby Thames Barrier Park with analogous, turfed surfaces, granite and timber promenades. Before: concrete pavers. After: 3 unique planter prototypes displaying a coastal flora of 30 plant species, wave-shaped motifs, two artificial grasses, low curved vases, two-tone powder-coating, irrigation, lighting and heating.

beforecity roof terrace large revamp
royal docks
beforerooftop terrace redesign
beforeroof garden makeover update
covent garden

9 covent garden

roof garden design

Roof terrace: 4th floor penthouse, converted top floor residence, private clients, 125sqm, 360-degree panorama, London WC2. Design: multilevel layout, outdoor cooking hub, artificial grass lounge, tiled chill-out breakfast zone, surround sound system. Before: unirrigated wooden plant boxes, flawed waterproofing, incompatible vegetation, old-fashioned deck, brick partitions and gravel beds. After: renewed water sealing, 30 custom-made planters, 20 plant species consisting of coastal, Mediterranean and New Zealand floras, integrated seating and dining areas, privacy screens, LED lighting and irrigation.

10 st george wharf

large roof garden

Roof terrace: 7th floor penthouse flat, riverside development, private client, 220sqm, London SW8. Design: symmetrical, architectural outline corresponding with St George Wharf's boat-shaped layout, Blanc de Bierges paving, Iroko hardwood detailing, curved raised beds. Before: concrete pavers, no water supply, lollipop topiary in zinc planters as part of a show flat. After: putting green, custom-built seating areas, windbreak hedges, Mediterranean planting scheme, outdoor tap and irrigation, lighting. 2 trios of matching, sculptural Agave succulents, hand-picked in Tuscany, savoury herb garden.

beforeroof garden landscape architecture remodel
st george wharf
beforeredesign my rooftop terrace
kings chelsea
beforelondon city unique roof terrace artistic refurb project
the circle se1

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Roof Terrace Diversity

While many roof terrace transformations provide instant results, architecturally lucid and immanently readied, the planting schemes which envelop their outlines, as in numerous town gardens, take time to mature and truly manifest invaluable merits. We regularly integrate large tree specimens where access is viable, and intersperse drifts of small-scale, fast-growing plants to produce effective, multilayered and strikingly textural soft landscapes up on the rooftops. The diverse site conditions, clients' ambitions, urban locations and myriads of floras which embrace these living roof gardens maintain unparalleled city environments, invariably shaped by contemporary, and exceptionally buoyant, roof terrace makeovers and design & build projects!