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Roof Terrace Consultancy

Since 2001, our specialist design studio crafts diverse, private roof terrace gardens in residential locations throughout London, the South East and abroad, managed by a contemporary rooftop design & build company and its skilful, in-house construction team. Our accumulated expertise defines not only a lifelong journey into urban garden design and its complex nuances, but also the reciprocation with city clients in a rewarding, and environmentally pertinent, roof terrace lifestyle.

covent garden

private roof garden design consultants

A large contemporary rooftop in WC2.

Location: Central London. Size: 125sqm. Roof terrace: Mediterranean planting, outdoor kitchen, split-level deck, porcelain tiles, artificial grass, bespoke planters, lighting. Scheme images: Marianne Majerus.


city roof terrace specialist consultancy

Small private rooftop terrace in EC1.

Location: Central London. Size: 30sqm. Roof terrace: architectural plants, aperture benches, granite waterfall, bespoke sandstone, Ipe hardwood decking, raised beds. Scheme images: Clive Nichols.

thames barrier

residential rooftop terrace design experts

A large duplex roof terrace in E16.

Location: East London. Size: 90sqm. Roof terrace: coastal planting, artificial grasses, granite, hardwood decking, custom-made planters, wave-shaped troughs, irrigation. Scheme images: Marianne Majerus.


roof terrace design practice london

Modern penthouse roof terrace in EC2.

Location: Central London. Size: 52sqm. Roof terrace: architectural topiary and hedging, one-off planters, Ipe hardwood deck, granite, privacy screening, ethnic sculpture. Scheme images: Clive Nichols.

millennium bridge

high end roof terrace landscape design studio

A Mediterranean rooftop garden in EC4.

Location: Central London. Size: 50sqm. Roof terrace: coastal planting, Ipe deck, synthetic grass, bespoke troughs, furniture set, automatic irrigation, LED lighting system. Scheme images: Marianne Majerus.


exclusive modern rooftop garden design company

Wildlife roof garden terrace in EC1V.

Location: Central London. Size: 65sqm. Roof terrace: wildlife planting, hardwood deck, sandstone, artificial grass, bespoke planters, viewing platform, edible kitchen garden. Scheme images: Marianne Majerus.


natural roof garden designers london

Natural roof garden terrace in EC1N.

Location: Central London. Size: 75sqm. Roof terrace: wildflower and grasses planting, native trees, custom planters, edible, woodland and herb gardens, irrigation, lighting. Scheme images: Amir Schlezinger.


london private roof terrace garden consultation

A large roof garden at St George Wharf in SW8.

Location: Central London. Size: 220sqm. Roof terrace: coastal planting, raised beds, split-level Iroko decking, Blanc de Bierges paving, built-in seating, artificial grass putting. Scheme images: Timothy Soar.


city roof terrace garden design experts

Intimate wharf roof terrace garden in E1.

Location: East London. Size: 50sqm. Roof terrace: architectural trees, powder-coated planters, hardwood decking, sandstone, LED lighting, sculpture, synthetic grass, green wall. Scheme images: Lucy Fitter.


penthouse roof terrace design landscaping expert company

A Kings Chelsea penthouse roof terrace in SW10.

Location: South West London. Size: 45sqm. Roof terrace: raised beds, lilac paving, Corkscrew hazels, sculpture, heating, bespoke seating, herb and kitchen garden, irrigation. Scheme images: Clive Nichols.

butlers wharf

modern roof terrace designer studio

Riverside penthouse duplex roof terrace in SE1.

Location: South East London. Size: 75sqm. Roof terrace: raised beds, Teak decking, sculpture, custom-built bench, green wall, herb garden, subtropical planting, seating. Scheme images: Amir Schlezinger.

grosvenor waterside

leading rooftop garden design practice london

A canalside large roof terrace in SW1.

Location: South West London. Size: 80sqm. Roof terrace: architectural trees, bespoke planters, LED lighting, Balau hardwood decking, buff sandstone, seating, Cedar screens. Scheme images: Marianne Majerus.

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Private Rooftop Consultations

Along with private roof terrace consultations, riverside schemes and large-scale commercial offices, we develop countless contemporary garden design projects across London. The intriguing duality between these two design disciplines finds its equilibrial niche in the most unexpected of locations, and extends our detailed expressions of outdoor space, city living and urban garden dwelling with renewed manifestations of an architecturally diverse design mainstream.