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Construction Backstage

Vibrant roof terraces which function practically and enduringly define a truly multidisciplinary art form, and the highly skilled, experienced and driven landscaping teams constructing these lush urban havens are instrumental in sustaining a pivotal design and build process. In this article, we showcase the diverse nuances of our contemporary roof garden projects throughout London, where a dedicated in-house landscape crew realises ultimate visions for countless private clients across broad-ranging scales – just hover or touch the images to view some captivating construction moments in fascinating locations.

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landscapers at work large scale construction london roof gardenlarge scale panoramic central London roof garden project at dusk
specialist roof terrace landscape constructionbirds eye view large riverside roof terrace project
roof terrace professional landscaping in progressarchitectural sunny roof garden planting scheme

1 grass

Hard-wearing, versatile and requiring minimal upkeep, synthetically produced turf forms a resourceful surface solution in numerous roof terrace projects. At St George Wharf, where we constructed a large-scale roof garden, an expanse of artificial grass functions as both an entertainment deck and a putting green at the terrace's upper level. Although the 4-metre-long roles of synthetic lawn are tremendously tricky to manage due to their sheer cumbersomeness, there is much landscaping fun to be had with imaginative variations of application.

2 lights

A city roof terrace landscape construction project is never complete without a magnificent lighting scheme to boot. Not apparent until the last day of building work, just after dusk, the intended radiance of an inspiring lighting plan is always a well-planned feature right from the inception of a new design. From routing cables among planting beds to embedding luminaires within deck fascias, the dexterous knack of utilising discreet construction methods manifests its benefits in every pristine roof terrace lighting layout in an invisible infrastructure.

rooftop landscaping team building residential roof gardestylish landscape architect designed city roof terrace with bar and lighting
expert landscape construction private roof terracebespoke london roof garden battersea view
construction image roof terrace detail in progressmodern landscaped designer london bridge rooftop

3 plants

Free from arduous digging, persistent clay and inconvenient mud, roof terrace planting epitomises finesse in design and freedom in construction. Unlike back gardens, where soil is mostly removed to make way for expanding plant roots, up on the rooftops, compost is containerised tidily, efficiently and precisely. While certain aspects of horticultural cultivation remain analogous in both environments, roof garden landscape construction entails specialised planting techniques to facilitate adequate drainage, irrigation, mulching and stabilisation in windswept settings. The merits of these advanced modi operandi are particularly evident along London's riverbanks, canals and high-rise districts, where rooftop landscaping ingenuity sustains thriving plant life in the most challenging of growing conditions.

4 planters

Whether built-in, free-standing, or a combination of both methods, rooftop container landscaping sustains cultivation at high altitude as a paramount element when designed and integrated sympathetically. Urban roof terraces largely represent contrived horticultural settings, superimposed into cities' lofty architectural frameworks far and wide, yet, when ultimately designed to complement, optimise and enhance modernised structural fabrics, their floral, foliar and arboreal merits support a forward-looking ecological approach, as well as new-found aesthetics. Roof garden construction specialists consistently embrace this mindset, elevating desolate outdoor platforms into sustainable, self-contained and robustly verdant networks, where constructional innovation and profound appreciation of contemporary city living manifest their advantages in every roof terrace design project.

professional roof terrace landscaping team at work on siteslatted privacy screen sleek roof terrace
landscapers at work planting a london roof gardenmixed innovative planting sunny london roof garden project
roof terrace garden construction team bespoke cedar finishfulham roof terrace full renovation with hot tub

5 logistics

The ability to establish the most efficient tactic in constructing a roof terrace project, through logistic insight, accumulated experience and a zest for engineering, distinguishes the pertinence of a lifelong rooftop landscaping vocation. At times, a knotty tightrope between soft and hard landscapes, or client aspirations and site complexities, while faced with fiercely changeable microclimates, this fascinating daily undertaking yields great technical diversification, professional progressiveness and individual originality. The crux of a successful roof terrace scheme is materialised inextricably in the capable hands of close-knit, motivated construction crews, revealed in a matrix of self-sustained components, immaculately displayed and sagaciously implemented – readily conceived the minute a new blueprint leaves the drawing board and painstakingly realised in full scale.

6 wood

Woodwork is especially suitable for rooftop landscape construction, highly adaptable by enduring thermal movement effortlessly, and the suspended frameworks which support many roof garden projects rely on timber structures in facilitating flexible, stable and well-drained substructures. Across open-air surfaces, cladding, coping, decking and seating, the wood boards which constitute classically natural finishes are continually undermined by UV sunrays and urban pollution. When sourced responsibly, while befittingly paired with consistent, attentive maintenance, woodcraft in its many variations exemplifies not only a delightful, organic roof terrace landscaping ingredient, but also often resolves logistic constraints conveniently and elegantly.

materials delivery london rooftop landscaping projecthighly detailed roof terrace with sculpture water feature and soft planting
custom built roof terrace raised beds construction imageelegant london roof terrace with modern furniture sculpture and custom bench
construction detail roof terrace paving decking detailstunning makeover north London sunny roof terrace with built in barbecue

7 stone

Stonework in rooftop gardens provides one the handiest hard landscaping techniques with perfectly manageable unit sizes and straightforward installation applications, easing logistic conveying into inaccessible sites, while its construction niftily simplified by the use of adjustable pedestals. Natural stone greatly extends the range of materials suitable for roof terrace landscape designs, enhancing contiguous architecture and visual contrast, along the added bonus of reduced maintenance. Landscaping rooftop gardens with stone and its infinite variations, both organic and man-made, enables expeditious assembly of surfaces, minus the onerous machinery and building paraphernalia prevalent in conventional garden constructions.

8 seating

Bespoke seating hubs for roof terrace gardens amalgamate an entire corpus of expert landscaping skills, interlaced with refined ergonomic technicalities. While structural engineering safeguards the integrity of load-bearing capacities, the outdoor canvas it envelopes is crucially humanised and intimately personalised by integrative design & build through interconnected, pleasurable terrace platforms. Cosy seating forms the nuclei of modern penthouse roof terraces, where alfresco dining, softened by tactile foliage, iridescent lighting and the warm afterglow of fitted fire features, embodies the culmination of a truly homologous design & construction process.

clerkenwell roof garden construction imagenight view roof garden architectural plants with down lighting effect
roof terrace refurbishment deck structure imageinspiring wharf roof terrace innovative layout with seating art and lighting
specimen plants landscape construction team planting a roof gardencontemporary roof terrace design and landscaping company london project

9 screens

Screen construction defines a pivotal privacy element throughout countless roof terrace projects, where precious seclusion and a sense of solitude in a dense urban milieu outline a desirable prerequisite. Mindfulness in design, integrated fine details and neatness in finish contribute to effective screening which instils serene ambience and sought-after refuge. The broad spectrum of available materials, with Cedar, glass, hardwood, steel and webbing, coalesced within diverse building methods, is extended by a proactive landscaping approach, whose impetus in pioneering original, site-specific solutions attains effective, and decidedly private, roof terrace sanctuaries.

10 artworks

Well-balanced roof terraces articulate multicultural essence in every sense of the word, where flora and materials from all over the world, cuisine, music and abstract art underline social interaction cohesively and inspiringly. The diversities of such get-togethers, amid London's thoroughly cosmopolitan backdrop, are invariably enabled by astute landscaping in a seamless construction process which highlights the nuances of discrete, merged, ready-made, or specially commissioned artworks. This attentiveness to clients' individuality and architectonic urbanised surroundings, when articulated via highly customised roof terrace frameworks, elevates modern sculpture from mere built-in niches into the pinnacle of invigorative outdoor city living.

rooftop landscaper fitting planterroof terrace pine tree cobbles and hardwood coping close up detail
rooftop landscaping team planting large maple treeverdant roof terrace with outdoor cooking bespoke planter and maple tree
roof terrace site during constructionthames roof terrace embankment panorama

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Building Rooftops

Mobile cranes, external furniture lifts, cherry pickers, extendable ladders, harnesses, lanyards, hoists and winches bestow many roof terrace projects with an epical air. This modality, however alluring to rooftop landscapers, or forming entertainingly eye-catching spectacles for passers-by, can be rather nerve-racking to weary project managers experiencing strict deadlines, tight road closures and tedious safety procedures. For our clients, true cosmopolites with a hankering for intimate London sunsets high above the urban treeline, roof terrace construction is part and parcel of a ubiquitous building atmosphere synonymous with a ceaselessly soaring horizon. The uniqueness of roof garden building works, alongside the exclusivity of spectacular locations, distils a matchless formula for a significant, all-embracing design discipline in an architecturally explorative capital.