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City Lights

London's roof terraces are becoming progressively smaller and more exposed, the taller citywide building developments stretch, and the modern design principles which sustain them are certainly expanding to mitigate emerging urban inevitabilities. Sustainability, ecological and wildlife friendliness, alfresco entertainment hubs, contemporary materials and high-tech infrastructures are increasingly interwoven into robust, liveable rooftop frameworks which epitomise a fiercely buoyant outdoor lifestyle, amid a loftier, brilliant London skyline.


Yet, one roof terrace element remains unwavering in paramountcy, usefulness, efficiency and validity; its merits, both architecturally and atmospherically, not perceptible before sundown. Undeniably, creative roof terrace lighting design not only expresses an astutely urban art form, but also, more pertinently, extends the dynamic nuances of roof terrace garden designs intimately, connectively and immersively.

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1 lustre

“Landscape lighting effervescence, up on the roof.”

Augmented outline luminosity, generated by lustrous surfaces, forms dynamic lighting nuances in urban roof terrace environments, where powder-coated finishes, glossy foliage and a plenitude of steel and glass elements fashion congruous, reflecting narratives, consonant with their city surroundings. The refined balance between textures, colour palettes, volumes and voids articulates compelling shadows and light interplays which enhance architectural frameworks, and creates enchanting nocturnal silhouettes in roof garden projects.

2 urban

“Roof-topian lightscaping... with all the trimmings!”

The progress, proliferation and scope of ecotechnologies manifests itself aptly in roof terrace lighting schemes, where artificial voltage consumption is frequently reduced by utilising efficient sensors, LED apparatus, low-tension circuitries, solar energy and truly pioneering, bioenergetic keypads. These diverse techniques ameliorate the vast resources required to sustain vigorous urban rooftops at twilight, and endorse prototypal, civic energy conservation methodologies, while effortlessly maintaining effective roof terrace illumination.

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3 focalise

“On the Riverfront – certainly a contender...”

We orchestrate roof terraces specifically bearing lighting in mind – a design process which commences at the first visit of a rooftop garden project. The canny integration of new focal points, judiciously shaped by architectural specimen trees, geometric planters and varied three-dimensional outdoor structures, is melded into prominent landmarks in well-lit vistas. Iconic skyline silhouettes form key compositional ingredients focally in crepuscular rooftop transformations, when an amplified borrowed landscape, reciprocated with harmonious light radiance, sustains rudimental roof terrace design building blocks.

4 planting

“As moonlight through the Pines.”

When all the park trees are sleepy, the sheeny silhouettes of their residential counterparts, up on the rooftops, evoke refined mystique, imbued by heightened urbanism and its dusky-turned-glowy, lit-up enchantment. This skyline romanticism, while sensitively integrated into well-thought-out planting plans, readily transforms achromatic landscapes into central, vivid platforms when countless city rooftops are fundamentally most in use. The halo of a Birch tree, aura of a Pine grove, or the sheer jazziness of a grassy drift all derive their nightly reimagined personas by the mere flick of a button.

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5 planters

“Powder-coating gets the spotlight.”

Every roof terrace lighting scheme is intrinsically bespoke, and while each design & build rooftop project materialises distinctly for various locations and clients, at times, we individually tailor an entire layout around its lighting design. The merits of a unique roof terrace site, embedded in the quintessence of its surroundings, interior design and inherent levels of artificial and natural light, inspire the lighting sequences which highlight a thriving London roof garden. Custom-made planters are invariably at the apex of rooftop personalisation, and their limitless contours, coupled with built-in lighting, portray focality, increase spatial depth and delineate significant sightlines.

6 afterglow

“Sheen, shine and shimmer.”

While most of our clients utilise their roof terraces during evenings and weekends, the bespoke lighting systems which accentuate these rooftop environments sustain both diverse entertainment amenities and vital indoor-outdoor ambience with dependability, durability and plenteous afterglow charisma. The sheer autonomy of such lighting infrastructures maintains simplicity of installation, design clarity and effortless opulence to generate varied zones, settings and tonalities.

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7 brilliance

“Tabletops, treetops and non-stop gleaming backdrops.”

For us, adept ergonomics forms the chief principle in designing roof terrace seating hubs, and the remarkably resourceful lighting methods which magnify these urban settings truly enable this premise and its pivotal liveability factors. Collaboratively, both comfort customisation and sympathetic lighting convey compatible roof terrace environments via accurate beam strengths, optimal angles and circuit specifications, distilled in a multi-sensory spectrum of patina, colour and afterglow. Whether situated alongside the scintillating brilliance of overhead heaters, while depicted by low-key minimalism, spirited theatricality, or horticultural flamboyance, the essence of effective outdoor lighting throughout rooftop terrace projects defines illuminated convenience.

8 apertures

“If you can't outdo the skyglow, mellow it.”

We strive to echo contiguous elements in the horizon line of each roof terrace we design, and whether a particular site is abundant in evocative edifices, or lacking in meaningful panoramas, the apertural cavities integral to customised architectural planters, raised beds and flora structures preserve punctuated views with measured luminosity. Incessant skyglow engulfs each and every city roof terrace, continually diminishing the purity of the night sky and its airglow, and while the pristine privilege of immaculate skyscapes is paradoxically lessened by metropolitan rooftop gardens en masse, we'd rather celebrate light mellowness than intensify superfluous glare harshness.

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9 ambience

“Your terrace lights are on – flaunting in 12 volt.”

It's quite astonishing what a 95 percent reduction in current, enabled by a small transformer, can achieve in greatly reduced consumption rates, utter safety and pure lighting design artistry. To capably retain context, in sync with the residence and its locality, the roof terrace ambience we generate is indeed the refined aggregate of site, client and designer, conveyed in a well-balanced rooftop lighting plan. We all perceive photometric values innately, and similarly to adjusting mobile phone display brightness to a comfortable level, the easily adaptable circuit zoning, dimming capabilities, lamp wattages and luminaire sizes of bespoke roof terrace lighting schemes collectively contribute to accomplished layers of radiance in the open air.

10 landscape

“Nightfall snapshots from a gleaming riverscape.”

Greater London features one of the most eclectic skylines anywhere, unveiling integral lighting designs in each of its distinct landmarks as predominant elements in a truly diverse urbanscape. The imaginative reciprocation between these background constituents and roof terrace foregrounds originates absorbing landscapes, delineated in a myriad of versatile lighting techniques, where daytime greenscapes transform into shimmering nightscapes – merging inner-city architecture with outdoor usefulness and intriguing rooftop landscaping ebullience.

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Rooftop Lightscape

With a few outdoor spotlights, power converter, residual-current device and a good length of low-voltage cable, we straightforwardly metamorphose mundane rooftop settings into memorable and utterly seductive roof terrace scenes. Nocturnally inclined, the contemporary roof gardens which redefine London's skylined riverscapes constitute an unmatched catalyst for diversified, modern urban design, when rooftop lighting handiness and installation effortlessness portray a city canvas consistent with its backdrop – forming a utopian rooftop vision post meridiem and beyond!