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South London Showcase

Although thirty percent smaller than its northern counterpart, South London sustains truly growthful prospects of modern garden design, where perhaps the most diverse spectrum of outdoor spaces within the capital's urban context propels singular projects. Encompassing some of the country's tiniest gardens, throughout Fulham, Parsons Green, Pimlico, Chelsea, Kensington, Knightsbridge and Belgravia, as well as a good deal of its loftiest, in countless roof terraces across Battersea, Vauxhall, London Bridge and Bermondsey, South London projects ardently remain cardinal to our garden design portfolio.


large exotic town garden landscape design south london

Lush town garden

Location: SW9. Size: 65sqm. Design: Primordially jungle-like and effusively verdant, this lush back garden interlocks seamlessly with its neighbouring bosky backdrop, expressing life-affirming vitality, privateness and nuanced foliage details, merging existing trees with natural materials, diverse seating areas and dynamic level changes.

clapham town

contemporary courtyard town garden south london

Architectural town garden

Location: SW4. Size: 50sqm. Design: Fervently focused towards creative outdoor recreation, the state-of-the-art garden which completes this sophisticated townhouse renovation facilitates non-stop focal, social and architectural engagement with its concealed bar, waterfall, fire oven, sculpture wall, planters, seating and distinctive plant forms.


modern outdoor garden south london

Contemporary small urban courtyard

Location: SW1. Size: 32sqm. Design: With a gardenful of high-reaching, architectural Japanese plants, luminous surfaces and an epic water feature, this utterly compact and rather shaded courtyard celebrates the meaningfulness of restorative Taijitu elements within a well-lit, contemporary framework, generating bold forms and soft-hued tones amid floating detailedness to imbue indispensable urban serenity.


contemporary large patio garden south london

Large modern patio garden

Location: SW11. Size: 100sqm. Design: Sociable intentness, contrasting plant habitats and capacious outdoor amenities hallmark the garden design scheme for this expansive residence, where an aptly widening, purposeful segmentation of patio garden space caters variously for all family members to complete a glorious interior co-ordinately.


contemporary private courtyard garden design south london

Sculptural courtyard garden

Location: SW6. Size: 36sqm. Design: Following eighteen long months of earnest construction, the resplendent renovation of this contemporary family home combines an inspirational interior with a correspondingly impactful courtyard garden. Complementary foliage, surface continuity, sculpture, a granite waterfall, privacy screens and immersive lighting evoke timeless modernity alongside a rooftop and an indoor atrium.

battersea patio

residential garden design south london

Small patio garden

Location: SW18. Size: 25sqm. Design: Garden sculpture, contemporary art and avid outdoor socialising take focal centricity in this modern Italian home. Culturally intelligible and artistically sensorial, these scanty 270 square feet of patio top off a magnificent subterranean residence as a garden of consummate copiousness with a pond, fire features, casual seating, a niched wall and a wine cellar, effortlessly accommodated where confined space bears no limit imaginatively.


modern minimalist garden design south london

Minimalist town garden

Location: SW7. Size: 24sqm. Design: Infinitesimally petite, yet with a perfectly cohesive design, this tiny back garden ably crowns a grand home refurbishment as a soothingly sylvan retreat. Enticing woodland effusiveness juxtaposed along with an understated materials palette generates captivating vistas through upper windows, accentuated by a cantilevered bench, floating steps and light grazing across walls.

parsons green

chic garden design south london

Shade courtyard garden

Location: SW6. Size: 24sqm. Design: Looking out onto an emerald South Park, the owners of this modernised townhouse relish a quartet of outdoor spaces, from two roof terraces to a secluded courtyard and an elegant front garden. Permeated with an aquatic theme, the north-facing residence fosters uplifting reflectance through light-hued walls, stainless steel detailing and ample foliage both inside and outside.


city roof garden design south london

Large roof garden

Location: SW8. Size: 220sqm. Design: Surveying a spectacular panorama across River Thames, this elliptically shaped roof garden presents an expansive prospect above Vauxhall Bridge at St George Wharf, where three months of challenging construction produced a remarkably architectural composition in sync with the development's unique fabric, extending entertainment factors into the rooftop via golf, gardening and relaxed aerial sightseeing of iconic landmarks.

kings chelsea

penthouse garden design south london

Penthouse roof terrace

Location: SW10. Size: 45sqm. Design: With a south-facing roof terrace overlooking Stamford Bridge football stadium, parallel to a northward large rooftop garden, our clients luxuriate in the priceless anonymity of one of London's most prestigious developments. Indoor-outdoor comparability, wrapped in lifestyle compatibility, embrace sculpture, seating, cooking and plentiful foliage within a tranquil composition.

battersea rooftop

roof garden design south london

Curved roof garden

Location: SW11. Size: 85sqm. Design: Large yet eloquently intimate, this expansive low-rise roof garden enables picturesque eye-level vistas of nearby treetops, where sinuous seating, a waterfall and putting green, nestled among a curvilinear blueprint, perfect a modern penthouse apartment definitively geared towards fine alfresco entertainment.


roof terrace design south london

Small rooftop garden

Location: SW1. Size: 50sqm. Design: Soaring above Caro Point at Grosvenor Waterside, this sculptural rooftop garden culminates a series of four private terraces, commanding multiple vantage points towards Battersea Power Station, Chelsea Bridge, London Eye, Thames Embankment, Big Ben and Wembley Stadium. This modern-day urban gardenage, with its measured blend of architectural forms, outdoor conveniences and abundant foliage, hovers in sheer bliss above the surreally paradisiacal roof terraces of a canal-side city quarter.

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Made in South London

From Clapham to Wandsworth and Stockwell, Shad Thames to Putney, Wimbledon, Barnes, Richmond and Mortlake, the richness of garden life is indeed unparalleled. This unique matrix of scales, aspirations and purposes, interwoven among a jam-packed metropolitan district rising skyward in search of essential living, breathing and gardening spaces, continuously stimulates innovation within a multidisciplinary garden design practice, where no North-South divide prevails per se, except in its perpetually inspiring River Thames crossings...