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Detail is Everywhere

We all find a great deal of comfort in detail whatever its scale, through familiarity, intimacy and completeness which inspire every respite we spend in our gardens, roof terraces and courtyards. For a garden designer, detail often drives many layouts, articulating ideas which amass over time and find their place in distinctive expressions. This detailed eloquence manifests not only the designer's art and its constructor's craft, but also, quite pertinently, the ethos of modern outdoor living in London and our clients' quest for perfect detail.

Design & Words: Amir Schlezinger

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floating recessed raised bed coping detail
bespoke pot architectural plant
modern garden bench
shade garden small tree
water feature detail
colourful shade planting
planting close up detail
curved garden bench detail
slate pebbles detail tree planting
colourful sun planting detail against wall
modern raised bed planting detail
bamboo canes close up detail
japanese maple seed heads close up detail
modern courtyard sculpture
london garden with large tree ferns
architectural tree carolina silverbell seed heads close up detail
bespoke large pots birch trees detail
deck edge detail with stone and hedge
natural rock garden detail
wall cladding detail with cherry tree blossom
modern recessed raised bed garden with lighting and waterfall
floating modern garden design raised bed detail

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modern hampstead courtyard

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Stone & Wood

Perceptively and perspectively, we design gardens by forming spatial definition with juxtapositions of stone and wood, as well as countless other hardscaping ingredients. Yet, invariably linking these firm layers together is a narrative of nuanced detail which synchronises, elevates and refines every element of a garden. While many courtyard gardens are cloistered intimately, often within compact outdoor spaces, we strive to elucidate contrast and definition by highlighting detail all the more to produce an autonomous element in its own right.

Trunks & Foliage

Timeless, indispensable and inherently multilayered, the myriads of plants we choreograph into every garden contain boundless detail, embodying nature's diversity of organic forms. The shapes, structures and tones of these floras are often emulated intuitively within design details, while sometimes stimulate specific compositions which focus on unique plants selected as central focal points. Sculptural trunks, silhouetted crowns, bark, berries, leaves, petals and seed pods all infuse unmistakable detail through every season, and while at times can be coyly concealed, subtly manifested or still to be discovered, the details rooted in plants' anatomy are fascinatingly mutable.

Water & Lighting

Water and light refract reciprocally, generating the infinite sights, sounds and sensory experiences which capture perceptions of space and place more than any other garden elements. We plan our design layouts preparedly and devise detail intently, foreseeing silhouettes and anticipating their various effects, yet the ever-shifting facets of aquatic and lighting components prove forever alluringly elusive. The engineering intricacies of both water features and outdoor lighting certainly entail considered detail, and while many courtyard gardens provide captivating canvases through enclosed, textural walls, their detailed designs sustain a constant, immersive underlayer of detail.

Sub-base & Drainage

The clarity and accomplishment of designful details above ground innately rely on invisible, subterranean technical systems which we're mostly unaware of. Intentionally imperceptible, though highly skilful in their construction, the vital drainage, footings, cabling, pipework and irrigation routes which sustain thriving gardens articulate great forethought, diligence and multidisciplinary workmanship. We're all often wowed by clever and well-executed details palpable on the surface, although their durability, elegance and vitality all hinge on inventive construction crews with rather masterful, secret detail!