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A Tranquil Space

In this south-facing Mediterranean garden design, multi-stemmed Palm trees and Bearded irises produce textured focal points. A Cedar deck, linear concrete paving and a low circular table form light-toned surface backdrops, highlighting a unique pair of blue glass benches. An azure and ochre colour palette narrates a tranquil outdoor space, sustaining architectural definition compellingly, while aptly bringing Southern France sunshine into the heart of Islington.

Design & Words: Amir Schlezinger

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mediterranean garden design 50m²

Square Garden Space

The garden is nestled between four outdoor spaces, amid an urban London setting in Islington, where its exterior had been neglected for a long time, eclipsed by a tall Sycamore tree. This square garden plot, however, did have one brave owner, plenty of sunshine and abundant potential. As our client hails from Southern France, and her garden a summer suntrap, we designed a modern Mediterranean garden. With helpful neighbours providing access, tree gone and client on holiday, we began reshaping this space. Square gardens present tricky design & build challenges, and while we often produce asymmetrical layouts, here, where the tree once stood, we created a central focal point seating area enveloped by lush foliage.

Sun, Sea & Sand

Devising design ideas for such a garden requires the client's input, a eureka moment, or simply a firsthand experience. Born and raised in the Mediterranean region, I contently delved into inner native mode to depict a conceptualised, yet urbanised, coastal landscape to infuse the site with renewed verve. We design many Islington gardens, where spaces are often shaded, and following three projects on this street, it was time to evoke a bit of a sun, sea and sand ambience. The blue and ochre walls, Palm trees, pebbles and grasses generate a sense of freedom, sustaining an easygoing, modern outdoor lifestyle, where a minimalist flora palette of only ten species maintains sculptural silhouettes, and articulates a minimal maintenance impetus.

Textural Walls

A wall was built to enhance privacy, creating a functional fabric for the client and neighbours to display various potted plants. The wall's textured render produces a warm, tactile facade surface, sparkling when bright sunbeams highlight specks of sand. We selected a blue colour for this tall partition and the back elevations, contrasted by a deep ochre for the rest of the site. The elongated, stepped path into the garden was decked in Western red cedar, merged with a sun deck. Linear, white concrete pavers balance the wood patterns, narrating a minimalist hard landscaping layout, where their light tones echo the smooth cobbles covering the Palm trees' planting border.

Mediterranean Zest

The benches were built with rendered concrete, forming a void to conceal lighting gear, where blue glass squares infuse rhythm via their front elevations, emitting a warm glow. An outdoor sculpture demarcates the garden's entrance, highlighted by a vivid ochre wall. Potted compositions are displayed within varied facades, while Box spheres accentuate the garden approach, perched across a stepped path. Mexican Yuccas define contrast along the blue wall in tall vases, juxtaposed with square egg pots, enveloping a sun-filled deck. The ewers are utilised for seasonal displays, elevated into an eclectic array epitomising a diverse, buoyant part of London. Contemporary combos of Mediterranean Pride of Madeira, South American Verbena and coastal grasses enhance an architectural garden design.